“Pink + White” Lyrics: Stream Frank Ocean’s New Song from “Blonde” Online

Pink White Lyrics by Frank Ocean
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Finally after four long years, Frank Ocean has released his new album, Blonde. The good news is that now you finally have some new Frank Ocean songs to groove out and dance to! For Frank Ocean fans, older hits will always hold a special place, but the anticipation of a new album has had fans excited for years, and now the wait is finally over! So, if you have been searching for terms such as, “Pink + White” lyrics, “Pink + White” download, and “Pink + White stream”, then you have come to the right place because we will guide you with all the details to help you listen to Frank Ocean’s new song, the “Pink + White” mp3.

Frank Ocean’s new album, Blonde was released on August 20, 2016. His new album also has many famous artists featured on the album. Frank Ocean’s new song, “Pink + White” mp3 features vocals by the very talented artist, Beyoncé. To check out Frank Ocean’s new song “Pink + White” lyrics, read below:

“That’s the way everyday goes
Every time we have no control
If the sky is pink and white
If the ground is black and yellow
It’s the same way you showed me
Nod my head, don’t close my eyes
Half way on a slow move
It’s the same way you showed me
If you could fly then you’d feel south
Up north’s getting cold soon
The way it is, we’re on land
So I’m someone to hold true
Keep you cool in this good life
Won’t let you down when it’s all ruined.”

So, if you want to read “Pink + White” lyrics, then you can read them here at Genius.com. Also, for those who want to listen to the “Pink + White” mp3 you can do so at Apple Music. In the meantime, feel free to check out the YouTube Video of Ocean Frank’s new song, “Pink + White.” If you want more of his latest songs, then do not hesitate to click here.




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