Despite the rumors, we still don’t really know for sure if Sean Penn, 53, and Charlize Theron, 38, are more than just friends. The supposed celebrity couple has reportedly been spending a lot of time together, including a luxurious getaway in Hawaii over the holidays, a movie date, sleepovers, and a recent appearance together at Penn’s charity gala. But neither of them has verified that they are in fact dating, at least not to the public.

There’s one person, though, who seems to have the inside scoop—Piers Morgan wrote in Event magazine that the celebrity couple confirmed their romance when he chatted with them at the gala. Morgan said Penn came over as the event wrapped up. Morgan congratulated the actor on the success of the event, adding, “And congrats on Charlize, too.” According to Morgan, Penn laughed and said, “She’s a keeper, that’s for sure… well, I’ll do my best to keep her anyway!”

Morgan said he also spoke with Theron and told her that he was happy the two of them finally got together because Penn is a great guy, to which she responded, “I know,” with a big smile. Now all we need is for the celebrity couple to confirm their May-December relationship themselves.


What do you think: If Sean Penn and Charlize Theron really are a couple, will it last?


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Photo Credit: Jaguar PS / (Sean Penn), Featureflash / (Charlize Theron)

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