Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan was traveling out of Burlington, Vermont when he was stopped by security agents who detected a 10-inch long foldable knife in the 62-year-old actor’s carry-on bag.

Brosnan was traveling with his youngest son Paris, 14. A Transport Security Administration [TSA] agent did the routine scan and asked Brosnan to step aside upon discovering the prohibited weapon in his shoulder bag. He was then briefly searched with a pat down before being escorted into a private room (presumably for a secondary screening). An eyewitness claims that the actor was shocked and furious upon confrontation by the TSA agent. He was reportedly heard telling his son, “I can’t believe they’re doing this.” Brosnan was also spotted whispering something to the TSA officer who was handling the situation.

Despite the rule that all sharp and sports objects are to be kept in checked baggage, Brosnan seemed to have made an honest mistake. Even still, he was given two options: either to be detained or have the hunting knife confiscated. He chose the latter and proceeded to his flight.


While it is up to the TSA staff to either seize a sharp knife or just question the intentions of the passenger, rounded and plastic butter knives are allowed on flights. This strict rule was introduced following the 9/11 attacks in 2001.


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