[PICS] Donald Trump’s Rally in Jackson, Mississippi

Donald Trump Rally in Jackson
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GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump and his supporters were in for a treat at the rally in Jackson, Mississippi on Wednesday evening (August 24). Trump was joined on the stage by British politician, Nigel Farage. Eager Trump supporters are now searching for terms like, “Donald Trump Nigel Farage,” “Trump Jackson rally,” “Donald Trump rally Mississippi,” “Donald Trump rally Jackson MS,” “pics,” and “photos,” on the internet, but we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the event right here.

Check out the video of Nigel Farage’s speech at Donald Trump’s rally in Jackson, Mississippi here:

52-year-old Nigel Farage was introduced by Trump before 15,000 supporters in Jackson, Mississippi. Trump referred to Farage as the man who “brilliantly” guided the UK Independent Party to exit the European Union successfully in June, 2016. Trump spent time discussing Brexit, and announced that America would declare its independence again on November 8, the same way Britain did in June. An outspoken supporter of Brexit, Trump proclaimed that, “They will soon be calling me MR. BREXIT,” on Twitter last week.

Trump exclaimed, “I was very supportive of their right to do it and to take control of their own future like we’re going to be voting for on November 8. They voted to reclaim control over immigration, over their economy, over their government.” He emphasized his “Make America Great Again,” and “America First,” slogan and stated that the November election was an opportunity for voters to “re-declare American independence.”

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As the former leader of the UK Independence Party, Farage joined Trump on stage at the rally and proceeded to draw comparisons between UK’s exit from EU and Trump’s presidential campaign. He spoke for ten minutes and drew a loud applause from the excited crowd after he stated that Trump represented a similar kind of anti-establishment movement that Farage himself had masterminded in the UK.

Although Farage refused to endorse either Trump or Hilary, he stated, “I will say this: If I was an American citizen, I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if you paid me. I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if she paid me.” Well, his message is pretty loud and clear!

Thank you @realdonaldtrump for the tremendous introduction. Decent people can beat the establishment!

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The presidential nominee clapped and smiled widely, as Farage described President Obama’s visit to the UK for the purpose of urging voters to remain in the EU, saying, “He talked down to us, he treated us as nothing.” Furthermore, Farage cited the Brexit polling in the UK, which initially hinted at the referendum’s defeat, as an example saying, “And actually they were all wrong.” Point duly noted!

In conclusion, Farage, who is well-known for his controversial speeches, urged voters saying, “If you want change in this country, you better get your walking boots on, you better get out there campaigning, and remember, anything is possible if enough decent people are prepared to stand up against the establishment.” Trump congratulated Farage after the speech, proclaiming Brexit to be a “very wise decision.” Farage later thanked Trump on Twitter for his “tremendous introduction” at the rally.




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