Kim Kardashian Dating Timeline. Credits: Michael Buckner / Staff / Getty Images

Is Kim Kardashian pregnant? The star is probably getting sick of hearing this question, especially when she already has two children with husband Kanye West. However, she was asking herself that question on Thursday night when she had good reason to believe she may have been in the early stages of carrying baby number three—and she took pictures as confirmation! Keep reading to see all the Kim Kardashian pregnancy test Snapchat photos and learn what the results were.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was on a plane on Thursday evening, but she’d brought some additional carry-on luggage. “I’m legit in the airplane bathroom taking a pregnancy test because I’m having a little bit of a scare,” the star wrote, taking a selfie from the bathroom in question. Judging by the angle that Kardashian is standing at and the way she’s holding the phone, it’s clear that this airplane restroom is incredibly cramped; but then again, what airplane bathroom isn’t?

Kardashian also shared a pic of the pregnancy tests she brought along. Apparently she was really worried because she bought three boxes of two each—that’s six tests in total! Captioned with “Panic Attack,” each box of tests is a different brand, the reality star apparently not having a favorite. Perhaps one of the three should consider signing Kim Kardashian on as a spokeswoman? Then they would’ve had this picture all to themselves. Also, imagine the shock it must have been to whoever was working the register when she bought these to see a panicked Kim Kardashian come up holding three boxes of pregnancy tests!

As for if we’ll be seeing any additional Kim Kardashian kids in the immediate future, the answer appears to be, “no.” That’s because Kardashian also posted one of the test results, which very clearly reads, “Not Pregnant.” Of course, these tests aren’t always 100% accurate, but we’re sure she was thorough; she had six tests to try with, after all!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West currently have two children: daughter North, born in 2013, and son Saint, born in 2015. And unfortunately, it doesn’t look like those two will be getting a new sibling in the immediate future; after all, if Kim and Kanye were trying to have kids, she wouldn’t describe the possibility as causing panic. But who knows?