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Phil Reed has been Eastern Iowa’s source for news for six years. But now, he’s moving on to the next step of his career. Phil Reed announced he is leaving KCRG-TV9, and Cedar Rapids residents naturally had questions. They want to know where he is going next and if his new job will also take him away from the city. Viewers don’t want to see him leave broadcasting; fortunately for them, the news anchor is not stepping away from the industry. Here’s what Phil Reed said about leaving KCRG.

Phil Reed Signs Out from KCRG

Chicago native Phil Reed received a BA in Broadcast Journalism from Northern Illinois University in 2010. While there, he was a production assistant at the campus’ TV broadcast station.

Reed started his career as a production assistant and worked other managerial jobs before getting his first on-air job in 2012. He was a multi-media journalist at Illinois station WTVO-TV Channel 17 for four years before moving to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

In 2016, Reed started out as a news reporter at KCRG-TV9. And by 2019, he was promoted as a news anchor and producer in addition to his duties as a reporter.

In central Iowa, Phil Reed found a home away from home, where the local community welcomed him warmly. His longtime KCRG viewers were naturally saddened when he announced his departure from the station.

Reed’s last day on the air was on July 31. He thanked his colleagues and viewers for his experiences and hinted that he might bid farewell to central Iowa, too.

He hasn’t revealed where he is going but stated that he would remain in broadcasting. He has held off announcing his next job for now.

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Phil Reed will stay connected to his followers on social media, where he will reveal where he is going next. His KCRG-affiliated social media will be discontinued soon, but his followers can keep up with him on his personal profiles.