Since the news of President Donald Trump’s sudden firing of now former FBI Director James Comey, politicians, reports and celebrities are questioning what Trump’s motives are, and more importantly, what he could be hiding. Several reporters are on the story and many have been looking to CNN’s Phil Mattingly. With our Phil Mattingly wiki, we have everything you need, from Phil Mattingly’s age to his career in Washington, D.C.

Who is Phil Mattingly?

According to his CNN profile, Phil Mattingly, 33, graduated from the University of Ohio in 2006, where he was a star varsity athlete. In 2008, he completed his Master’s Degree in journalism from Boston University. He now works as a political correspondent for CNN and works at their Washington, D.C. location. He also received an award from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, for breaking news, while at Bloomberg.

Phil Mattingly’s Net Worth

Phil Mattingly’s CNN career started in December 2015, where he worked as a New York-based correspondent. Before landing his dream job, he worked for Bloomberg Television, where he acted as the White House correspondent, before being moved to political correspondent. Despite his youth, Mattingly has covered a lot of ground in politics, including major political candidates and reported to the “domestic and foreign policy action of the Obama administration.” Though there’s no public record of his net worth, it’s estimated to be $100,000.

Is Phil Mattingly Gay?

No, Phil Mattingly’s not gay, though many believe his style and demeanor say otherwise. From time to time, there have been rumors about Phil Mattingly’s boyfriend/girlfriend, but he has been married to Chelsea Carter since December 2011, and she is currently pregnant. He confirmed the news back in March, while tweeting a colleague.

He has Been Reporting on Comey’s Firing

Mattingly, an award-winning journalist, has been following the events involving Trump’s abrupt dismissal of Comey. The former FBI director was leading the investigation in the Trump-Russia case, but was immediately fired in a letter personally delivered to Comey. Former Clinton campaign press secretary, Brian Fallon called to speak to CNN to remind everyone that Comey was doing his job and was in the middle of investigating Trump for potentially colluding with Russia.

“Donald Trump is doing this to get out from under the Russia investigation,” Fallon said. “We need a special counsel inside the Justice Department who does not owe their job to Donald Trump to investigate Donald Trump. … Otherwise the firing of James Comey means we’ll never get to the bottom of allegations of collusion between Russia and the Trump camp.”

Mattingly has tweeted several posts from Trump critics, who find his actions unsettling. Senators, celebrities and even Edward Snowden himself believe that there’s something wrong with Trump terminating Comey’s employment, especially during an ongoing investigation he’s a part of.

There’s seems to be something rotten in the White House, and with all these different speculations, it’s time for an impartial, objective stance on the issue. But will we actually see one?