Brad Barket/Getty Images for Happy Hearts Fund

Petra Němcová is a stunning model and humanitarian. She has graced the covers of numerous magazines, was in tons of advertising campaigns, worked in television, and quite frankly, is the catch of the year. But is Petra Němcová single? If she isn’t, who is Petra Němcová dating? We’ll take a look at this Czech beauty and try and figure out who Petra Němcová’s boyfriend in 2017 is.

What You Need to Know about Petra Němcová

Before you folks start calling and writing Němcová begging her for a date (and in turn getting a restraining order) there are a few things you should know about her. Petra Němcová was born on June 24, 1979, in former Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). She has a sister named Olga, and is 5’10” —so in heels, she’s about 6′ tall. Němcová is also vegan, so you may want to keep that in mind when trying to woo her with recipe ideas.

Petra Němcová’s Dating History

Petra Němcová’s dating timeline is not incredibly large. It isn’t filled by dozens of rock stars or musicians. In fact, we could only find three major relationships. The first is a story of tragedy and triumph. On December 26, 2004, Petra Němcová and her fiancé, photographer Simon Atlee were in Thailand when it was hit by a born of epic proportions. Němcová managed to grab on to a tree and hold on for hours, despite having a pelvis broken in multiple places. Atlee wasn’t as fortunate and his body was found months later. Doctors weren’t sure if Němcová would walk again, but surgeries repaired the physical damage. She then formed the Happy Hearts Foundation, a charity aimed at rebuilding schools for children after a natural disaster.

In 2011, Petra Němcová began dating British actor Jamie Belman, who is probably best known for his work on Emmerdale and Missing. The couple were only together for a few months before getting engaged, but ended things shortly after in early 2012.

It was through Happy Hearts that Němcová met her next boyfriend, Laurent Lamothe. Happy Hearts worked in Haiti after a natural disaster struck, gaining the model a number of honors from the country. She was declared Ambassador-at-Large for Haiti in 2012 by Haitian President Michel Martelly, and then-Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, whom Němcová dated in 2014. The relationship lasted until sometime in 2015.

Beyond these, Němcová also briefly dated Badr Jafar (2008), Sean Penn (2008), and James Blunt (2006 to 2007).

Who is She Dating Now?

So, the big question is: Who is Petra Němcová’s boyfriend? When it comes to who Petra Němcová is dating now, the answer seems to be… no one. Now, before you start sending flowers and poems, this might mean she’s keeping a new relationship quiet for now. But hey, if you run into her, you might stand a chance!