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Sofia Resing

Sofia Resing
Swimsuit Model
25th Sep, 1991
61 kg
5' 10"
Sports Illustrated
New York City
United Kingdom

Sofia Resing is a Brazilian model. She was born on September 25, 1991. That makes Sofia Resing’s age only 25 years old! If you are searching terms like, ‘Sofia Resing age’, ‘Sofia Resing family’, ‘Sofia Resing net worth’, ‘Sofia Resing photos’ or ‘Sofia Resing 2016’, then stop right now. We will give you all the information you want from Sofia Resing’s wiki.

One Heart, Two Countries

Resing was born in Porto Alegre in Brazil, but later came to New York to live. She is currently living in New York. Resing was in Brazil during the 2016 Rio Olympics and worked as a sideline reporter to cover the women’s beach volleyball events. She was torn between her loyalty to Brazil (her native country) and USA, her adopted country. Especially when the two teams met each other in the semi-finals!

Lady Luck Smiles

Resing was actually discovered by accident. She was at a Halloween party in New York dressed like the Green Hornet, when her potential as a model was seen. From then on her career as a model started. She started as a runway model in 2013 for designers like Tracy Reese and Sally LaPointe. Resing has also been a model for L’Oreal cosmetics. In 2016, she made her debut as a swimsuit model in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. She was named in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s 2016 Rookie Reveal.

Moving up the Ranks

Since then, Resing has moved into the top ranks of swimsuit models. She is especially known for appearing in Sports Illustrated in sunshine drenched swimsuits. She has also been featured in the magazine, GQ. Not much is known about Sofia Resing’s family, but she has a sister named Ingrid.

A love for Surfing

Resing has interests apart from modeling, as well. She is passionate about surfing and often puts her snaps on Instagram. She has become extremely popular in little time and has acquired many followers on Instagram. People want to know, who is Sofia Resing Dating? Resing has revealed that she is dating an athlete but won’t give his name. Sorry guys, this girl is taken! Still, at least her pictures are there for you to look at.

Dreams and Desires

Resing is very honest when it comes to talking about herself and her country. She says that Brazilians really talk loudly. She says that she would really love to go to Indonesia and see the country. She also wishes to  attend ‘The Burning Man’ festival that draws people from all over the world, especially Silicon Valley.

An Original

Though Resing has started professional modeling some time back, she has become extremely popular with fans and the modeling industry stalwarts. She is an original. She has not been compared to an earlier world famous model from Brazil like Gisele Bundchen, which is much to her credit. Resing is confidently taking long strides to be the best in her field and she is certainly one hot model to watch out for!


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