Hannah Ferguson Hannah Ferguson New York1992-05-05T00:00:00ZSan Angelo, Texas, United StatesFemale5′ 10″San Angelo, Texas, United StatesFashion / Runway modelAmerican$100 Thousand55 kgNew York

Hannah Ferguson

Hannah Ferguson
Fashion / Runway model
$100 Thousand
05th May, 1992
San Angelo, Texas, United States
55 kg
5′ 10″
New York
San Angelo, Texas, United States
New York

Hannah Ferguson is an American fashion model. She was born to her parents who met each other when they were serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. She was born on May 5, 1992 in San Angelo, Texas, USA. If you have been searching for terms like, ‘Hannah Ferguson net worth,’ ‘Hannah Ferguson photos’, ‘Hannah Ferguson age’ or ‘latest news 2016,’ then stop right now. We will give you all the information you need from Hannah Ferguson’s wiki.

Starting Early

Ferguson was interested in modeling from a young age, though she called herself a ‘pretty average looking person’ in school. She was tall and in her own words ‘well endowed’. With her stunning figure and good looks, it wouldn’t take Einstein to figure out that she could be a model! So, after completing high school, Ferguson set her sights on becoming a model. She won the Kim Dawson Model Search competition and moved to Dallas to begin her career. After six months she moved to the Big Apple, New York.

Career Takes Off

Her career took off from there. She appeared in the 2014 edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. That year, she also posed in body paint, and yes, we mean just body paint! She proved to be so popular that she was invited to appear in the 2015 and 2016 edition of the magazine, as well. She has also appeared in magazines such as GQ. She started appearing in commercials, as well. She appeared in the Carl’s Jr and Triumph International advertising commercials among others.

Who’s the Lucky Man

Ferguson is just made for the camera. She is 5’10” tall and looks stunning in anything she wears, especially swimsuits. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. People are curious about who Hannah Ferguson is dating? She is dating Conn Davis, who is the brother of swimsuit model, Hannah Davis. There is not much information on Hannah Ferguson’s family. The model keeps the details of her personal life pretty closed off to the public.

A Real Professional

She has made a name for herself in the swimsuit fashion industry. Though she has not appeared in any movies as yet, she has appeared on TV on some special fashion programs. She is known to be professional and everybody in the swimsuit fashion industry is keen to work with her. One big reason is that she has such a natural body.

Saying No to Surgery

That’s right. No plastic surgery for this girl! Though she is not against people getting plastic surgery if they really need it, she herself has sworn to never do it. She says candidly that her breasts are 100% real. She says her mother warned her against doing this and she believes that one should be happy with what God has given them. What people don’t know is that Ferguson’s ambition was to become a professional ballet dancer! That didn’t work out so she turned to modeling.

Having it All

Despite her good looks and career in modelling, Ferguson is anything but a ‘bimbo.’ She is very intelligent and is she a naturally curious person. She likes to know about things and does research in her spare time. The belief that a girl who is beautiful is not intelligent is such a cliche. Ferguson is a living example of a girl who has it all. Brains, looks and guts. Right now, Ferguson is in the prime of her youth as Hannah Ferguson’s age is just 24 years old. She has her whole life to decide what she wants to do after her modeling days are over. That’s for later, though. Right now Ferguson is exactly where she wants to be. At the epicenter of swimsuit modeling career! Go, girl!


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