Halloween Props: Make Yours the Best Haunted House on the Block!

halloween props
Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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Be wicked this year, and make your house terrifying by putting up these Halloween props. Invite your friends and make them wish they never stepped in! Halloween is a license to bring your worst side out and have some gruesome fun!


Why be boring when you can spice things up? Get creative this Halloween and make it a never-ending nightmare for the people who fall prey to your hideous, bloody pranks. There are lots of props out there to make your house a terror-filled abode for the wicked. From electric chair props, to coffins, and body bags, we have props that can make your house frighten everyone who steps inside.

1) Scary Peeping Tom Window Prop

Admit it, nothing is worse than finding out that a stranger is looking inside your home and learning all of your secrets. Why not give your guests a freight with this peeping Tom prop?  Put it against a window and see how terrified your guests will be as they pass through your house!

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2) Scary Black Hooded Peeper Creeper Skeleton Grim Reaper with Red LED Lighted Eyes 

The scary peeper Grim Reaper is here to take your soul. He comes from the underworld and has his red eyes set on you. There is no getting away from this merchant of death as he stalks you to the ends of the world. Put this prop against any window (inside or outside your house) and see how it scares the living daylights out of your family, friends, and whoever else comes to your home.

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3) Scary Realistic Peeper Tapping Clown Window Prop

Though there is a scary peeper tapping clown at the window, your family and friends are not going to find it funny! In fact, they might even rush out of your house in fear. This insane clown is meant to terrify the innocent. Its animated fingers will convince your guests that a scary clown is after them. Make sure your guests for their lives this Halloween night without looking back!

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4) Coffin with Lid Wooden Look 

It’s time to join the dead. This Halloween, scare your friends by popping out of this life-sized coffin! Better yet, get an animated prop and watch your guests jump in terror when the coffin magically opens! There is never a good time to be shy, so bring out your evil side in all its glory.

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5) Electric Chair Kit 

If you still need a way to torture your guests with fear this year, buy this electric chair Halloween animated prop and give your friends the scare of a lifetime. Watch their faces go pale as they see a man get electrocuted in front of their eyes. The animated prop will definitely do the trick if you want to have the scariest house on the block!

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6) Talking and Shaking Body Bag

It’s great fun scaring people. Really! Try it this Halloween. Put this talking and shaking body bag on a sidewalk and watch as people jump when they walk past it. This body bag is sound activated so when innocent people walk by it starts to shake and move making them think that there is someone inside.

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7) Animated Swinging Decrepit Doll

Bring home this animated ghostly and decrepit swinging doll and make her spread terror in your neighborhood. She has hollowed out eyes that glow a scary blue and speaks blood-curdling haunting phrases when activated. When an unsuspecting person walks by, she starts speaking and shakes her head. What better way is there to find out just how good it feels being bad?

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Halloween is just around the corner, and there is not much time left to get your props. You need to make this year more exciting and memorable than ever!