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Paul Teutul Sr.'s Estimated Net Worth: $500,000
About Paul John Teutul
Known AsPaul Teutul Sr.
Age73 Years
BirthMay 1, 1949 Yonkers, New York
Height6 feet (1.83 m)
SpousePaula Teutul (1969 – 1995) Beth Dillon (2007 – 2011)
ChildrenPaul Teutul Jr., Michael Teutul, Christin Teutul, Daniel Teutul
AddressMontgomery, New York
CountryUnited States
JobMotorcycle Designer and Builder, Reality Star
OwnsOrange County Choppers
Works ForAmerican Chopper

Paul Teutul Sr. is a well-known name in the world of reality TV series. He is famous because of the show American Chopper. So, how much is Paul Teutul Sr. worth financially? Paul Teutul Sr.’s net worth in 2018 is estimated at $500,000, however, some sources say that it is as high as $15.0 million. Here is how Paul Teutul Sr. from American Chopper built his wealth.

American Chopper is a reality show which aired on Discovery Channel from 2003 to 2010. The show focused on Paul Teutul Sr. and his son, Paul Teutul Jr., who are into manufacturing chopper-style motorcycles.

Paul Teutul Sr. was married twice but both his marriages ended. He has four kids, Paul Teutul Jr., Michael Teutul, Christin Teutul, and Daniel Teutul. Currently, Teutul is in a relationship with Joan Bulger-Kay.

Teutul was born in Yonkers, New York, but he grew up in Pearl River, New York. During the Vietnam War, Teutul sailed as a member of the United States Merchant Marines.

He decided to follow his passion and started building custom bikes after Teutul was inspired by several custom bikes on the streets and in movies. His passion has brought him far in his life, and now, he is a known name in the bike industry.

Income Sources

According to recently filed court documents, Teutul listed that he earns around $16,530.81 every month and spends around $20,129.17.

Paul Teutul Sr.’s salary while working for Orange County Choppers is listed at $13,398.67 per month. But it’s is unclear how much he earned from the show, American Choppers.

Paul Teutul Sr.’s Earnings

YearEarnings (estimated)


Besides being a part of the show, American Chopper, Teutul started Orange County Choppers in 1999. He, along with his son, Paul Jr., started making bikes to resell them later on.

The father-son duo even have a website that caters to the various needs of their customers. They have built bikes for various celebrities like Bill Murray, Muhammad Ali, Billy Joel, Will Smith, Donald Trump, Jay Leno, and many others.

Fans of American Chopper will be happy to know that Teutul will appear on the show again with his sons after a five-year hiatus. It will premiere on May 28, 2018.

Paul Teutul Sr.’s Assets

His House

Paul Teutul Sr.’s house located on 95 Judson Road in Montgomery, New York was in foreclosure. As of February 2017, he owed $870,939.43 on the property. He had taken out a $1.5 million mortgage for the house.

The 38-acre estate was initially put on the market for $2.89 million. However, the selling price was reduced to $2.49 million.

The property has waterfalls, woods, meadows, and a stocked pond. It also has a pool with spa, a pool house, a hot tub, a volleyball court, and a gazebo. The house itself has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a games room, and a two-story living room.

When Teutul lived there, he had several farm animals like horses, donkeys, cows, pigs, and alpacas. The property also had a barn with several bays and outbuildings to keep the animals.

Teutul’s mobile house located on 20 acres in Taylor is priced at $201,548.

His Vehicles

In his recent bankruptcy filing, Teutul’s 2009 Corvette is listed at $69,000. He has six Harley Davidson bikes, of which five are worth $29,000 combined.

In addition to Paul Teutul Sr.’s bikes, his assets also include a 2002 VYCYL Trike ($3,000), two 2012 Can-Am ATV’s ($12,000), a 21-foot Alumacraft boat ($3,000), and a 2011 Polaris Ranger ($4,000).

Teutul’s car collection includes a 2010 Dodge Challenger valued at $18,500 and a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro with a revised value of $32,750. His 2007 Hummer H2 is worth $27,000.

On May 2, 2018, he claimed that his assets are valued at $658,000. Teutul’s household goods are worth $16,500, and his gun collection is worth at $1,575.

Bank Account

Teutul claims that he has $16,352.62 and $7,762.78 in two different checking accounts. His SAG pension’s amount is $20,425.35.

The reality star’s 401K from Orange County Choppers Inc. is estimated at $134,524.87.

Animal Collection

Teutul also has one Alpaca, two goats, two West Highland cows, two pot belly pigs, one Arabian horse, five mini donkeys, seven barn cats, two babydoll sheep, one mammoth donkey, four mini horses, and one poitou donkey.

Filed for Bankruptcy

Days before the show American Chopper was set to air in March, Teutul filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in New York. The filed paperwork states that he owes around $1.0 million to at least 50 creditors and he was worth $1.8 million on February 28.

Teutul further states that he owes around $151,230.98 to the Town of Crawford, New York for taxes. Additionally, he needs to pay $21,300 to several credit card companies.

His medical bills are over $2,000, but it is unclear as to what surgeries or treatment he underwent.

Teutul has recently listed assets valued at $2.4 million and liabilities of $1.2 million in the amended bankruptcy filing.

Currently, Paul Teutul Sr. is involved in eight lawsuits, including the fraud suit with Thomas Derbyshire.

Here’s How Much Paul Teutul Sr. Is Worth Compared to Others:

Paul Teutul Sr.$500,000 (estimated)
Paul Teutul Jr. (son)$2.0 million
Mikey Teutul (son)$2.0 million
Todd Chrisley$5.0 million