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The San Antonio Spurs played the Houston Rockets without their main man, Tony Parker. Nevertheless, the Spurs reached the NBA’s Western Conference finals, all thanks to 28-year-old Patty Mills. The 6’0” Australian played beautifully, leading the Spurs to the Western Conference finals. But did you know that Patty Mills’ girlfriend is also an outstanding basketball player? Alyssa Levesque plays basketball just as well as Mills and is an entrepreneur, too. Here are some facts to know about Patty Mills’ girlfriend.

Alyssa Levesque’s Wiki

The beautiful Alyssa Levesque is a native of Martinez, California. She is a young entrepreneur who is the founder of StraitSwim, a sophisticated swimwear line. Levesque now lives in San Antonio, Texas.

She is the daughter of James and Juliana Levesque (née. D’Olivo) and has two brothers; Zakary Bradshaw Levesque, who is older than her, and Alex Levesque, her younger brother. She went to Carondelet High School and later attended Saint Mary’s College, where she met Patty Mills.

Standing tall at 6’0”, Levesque played basketball all through high school and college. She graduated from Saint Mary’s in 2012 with a major in business.


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Accusations Against Levesque 

Earlier this year, Patty Mills’ girlfriend found herself in the midst of controversy. Alyssa Levesque was accused of cultural appropriation after announcing the launch of her swimsuit line, StraitSwim, that draws inspiration from her boyfriend’s culture, the Torres Strait civilization.

Levesque said that the beachwear line is chic and sophisticated, and is influenced by the Torres Strait Islands. According to Patty Mills, Levesque respects the Torres Strait culture and has spent a considerable amount of time understanding it, before introducing her swimwear line.

However, the homage didn’t go well with certain members of the community. Janis Ah Chee wrote on Facebook, “So I’m wondering who in the Torres Strait Islands gave Patty Mill’s kohleh woman permission to rip off our Torres Strait Culture and art and language.”

There was more online backlash, with Levesque being accused of making a profit off the Torres Strait Islander Culture. She defended herself by stating that she respects the Torres Strait culture and her line was designed to celebrate the indigenous Australian culture and let the world know about its rich history.

Levesque also added that some portion of StraitSwim profits would be used for the betterment of the Torres Strait community.


Alyssa Levesque’s Hot Pics

As things have cooled down in the entrepreneur’s life, let’s heat things up with some hot pics from Alyssa Levesque’s Instagram!


#1. Ready to see her girls.

Crouching tiger ? @showmeyourmumu

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#2. When fashion meets comfort!


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#3. Beating the heat at home.

I take days off too ☺️

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#4. Winding down with a view…

Happiness ??

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#5. Keeping it minimal!

#6. Staying simple.

Let's put a dead animal on you. Croc-skin. Buttercream, buttercream. Croc-skin ????

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