Patrick Schwarzenegger is sure to have met and befriended tons of other celebrities, either through his modelling and acting careers or via his incredibly famous father, Arnold Schwarzenegger. So for some, this tidbit of information is probably more fascinating than surprising: Patrick is very close with Rob Lowe and his family!

The younger Schwarzenegger recently posted a message of congratulations on Twitter to Rob Lowe for the recent addition of his name and star to the Hollywood Walk of Fame on December 7. “Congrats Rob! So awesome!!!!” he wrote; the fact that he’s apparently on a first-name basis with “Mr. Lowe,” 51, shows just how close to the family he is!

It turns out that Schwarzenegger and Lowe are actually very chummy. Shortly before the Walk of Fame ceremony, Lowe began preparing for his son John’s 20th birthday by taking him shopping in Beverly Hills—and he brought along his new friend Patrick Schwarzenegger! The three shopped at the store of French designer Yves Saint Laurent. The paparazzi caught them having lots of fun, smiling and laughing as the two young men tried on a variety of designer clothes.


The Schwarzeneggers aren’t the only celebrities Lowe has a close relationship with—at the Walk of Fame ceremony, a speech was given to honour his entry by Gwyneth Paltrow, who has known Lowe since she was 17; she’s now 43!

It only makes sense that Rob Lowe would hold the people in his life so close, because, as he said in a Twitter post regarding his new accolade, “Nothing is possible without family.” These wise words were accompanied by a picture of himself, his wife Sheryl, and their two sons kneeling in front of Lowe’s special new piece of pavement.


Rob Lowe currently stars in The Grinder, which will see new episodes return in early January 2016. Patrick Schwarzenegger, meanwhile, most recently guest starred in an episode of Scream Queens and is filming two movies set to release next year, the romantic drama Midnight Sun and the thriller North.

Image Source: Flickr

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