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About Patrick Brown
Age26 Years
BirthApril 16, 1996 Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA
SiblingsHannah Brown (Sister)
ParentsRobert Brown (Father), Jackie Boyle (Mother)
OwnsProServe Heating
In RelationshipHaley Stevens

For a while, many fans have wondered who will end up being the life partner of talented singer-songwriter Haley Stevens. Many men have been in hot pursuit of this beautiful musician, but it was none other than sincere entrepreneur Patrick Brown from Alabama who won her heart! Brown proposed to Stevens, and she said yes, exclaimed it to be the happiest day of her life. Haley Stevens’ fiancé has his own company called ProServe Heating and Air Conditioning, and after initially losing his way in life, he is now a well-grounded young man. So, why did the singer say yes to Brown? Read on to find out!

Singer Haley Stevens Is Now Engaged & Off the Market!

Anyone who knows singer-songwriter Haley Stevens is fully aware that she is quite the catch! This young lady turns heads wherever she goes. Haley Stevens is considered beautiful, sexy, intelligent, talented, wise, exciting, and very interesting, which drives suitors to pursue her at any cost.

Now they will all be heartbroken when they find out Haley Stevens just got engaged. That’s right! Haley Stevens is engaged! And everyone is talking about it now after the news broke that some lucky guy has slipped the proverbial ring on Haley Stevens’ finger!

The Man Who Beat Out Formidable Competition

Who is the lucky guy who is now Haley Stevens’ fiancé?  For those who are late to the party, it is the young singer’s latest boyfriend, Patrick Brown.

So, who is Patrick Brown? Well, he is best known as an entrepreneur who has his own company called ProServe Heating and Air Conditioning.


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Brown proposed to his girlfriend on December 18, 2021. And to his utter delight and untold happiness, she said yes!

Who Is Patrick Brown, Haley Stevens’ Fiancé?

Brown was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April 16, 1996. Patrick Brown’s age is 25 years. He went to a private school in his hometown before enrolling in college. Brown always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but he lost his way for a while before making his dream come true.

Brown got into drugs, and his addiction worsened with time, until he had a wake-up call when he narrowly escaped certain death. After he had an overdose in early 2020, he was hooked up to a life-saving ventilator for two days.

After recovering, Brown made the firm decision to quit living life in the fast lane and make a meaningful life for himself. He got sober, gave up drugs, and stopped partying.

Patrick Brown’s Career Is Running Steady Now

Brown started his own company called ProServe Heating and Air Conditioning back in December 2018. But it’s only been since his brush with death that he turned his full attention to growing it.

With hard work and dedication, Brown has managed to build a profitable business. And when gorgeous singer Haley Stevens saw the sincere man in the entreprenaur, she encouraged him. And now she has made the momentous decision to marry him.

Patrick Brown’s Family Is Close-Knit & Warm

Haley Stevens’ fiancé comes from a warm and loving family. His father, Robert Brown, owns several businesses, including a hair salon called Hair Impressions in Tuscaloosa, and currently lives in Northport, Alabama. Robert also owns another business venture called Paul Mitchell The School Birmingham in Hoover, Alabama.

Patrick’s mother Jackie Boyle currently lives in Tuscaloosa. Her nickname is “JacJac.”

Patrick has a sister from his mother’s side named Alisa Boyle Wilmuth. She is married and lives in Northport.

Patrick Brown’s Sister Is Famous in Her Own Right

Patrick has a very famous sister from his father’s side named Hannah Brown. She appeared in season 23 of the popular reality TV show, The Bachelor. She did pretty well in this competition and later participated in the spin-off TV show, The Bachelorette.

Now Hannah Brown is a famous model, TV personality, and talented furniture designer who currently has a net worth of around $1.5 million. Her stint as a beauty pageant participant has also helped her rake in some handsome moolah!

Haley Found Love after Breakup with Ex-Boyfriend Jed Wyatt

Patrick Brown and Haley Stevens’ relationship was known to all their family members and close friends, but the couple deliberately kept it low-key. Although Stevens is the more famous partner in this relationship, Brown is a young man with great maturity who handles her stardom very well.

Stevens used to be singer and TV star Jed Wyatt’s girlfriend, but she decided to be on her own after a while. She then met Brown, sparks flew, and…boom! Patrick Brown is now Haley Stevens’ fiancé!

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The Future Looks Rosier than Ever

On December 18, 2021, Patrick Brown went down on one knee and asked Haley Stevens to marry him. And guess what? Stevens’ answer was a resounding yes.

Patrick Brown and Haley Stevens are officially engaged, and their loved ones are eagerly waiting for the day the couple will walk down the aisle. So stay tuned for a wedding date announcement!

Now, who doesn’t love a happy ending? We certainly do!