Is the news of Pastor Greg Locke’s divorce true? With the rumors and news of the Christian power couple calling it quits, many are looking to for information on their marriage and Melissa Locke. With reports of struggles with depression and anxiety, many are wondering about the woman behind the popular Preacher. Keep reading if you want to know more about Greg Locke’s wife.

Trouble in Paradise?  

According to Pulpit and Pen, Greg, 42, has divorced his wife, after he made headlines for criticizing a retail giant target for opening a separate bathroom for trans individuals. The pastor took to Facebook to comment and ultimately deny the allegations.

“I am saddened tonight by a vicious article that is rapidly circling the internet. I’m no stranger to hundreds of news articles both good and bad, he said. “However, this is a situation of a writer gathering fake and/or out of context information and totally fabricating a story. This is a very personal and hurtful hit piece. Our entire church congregation knows the facts and the timeline.”

He continued, “It’s shameful that a small handful of bitterly disgruntled people can say such evil things and then have it reported by a publication that I’ve supported without even the courtesy of a phone call for verification. There is no doubt the Lord will work in all of this but for now it is a very difficult burden to carry. I’m sorry for those who choose to believe it. I’m trying to ‘Be Still’ during the storm. I love you all. What some mean for evil, God uses for good.”

Allegedly, sources from Pastor Greg’s church told Pulpit and Pen that Melissa was “mentally ill” and that the couple were getting a divorce. Greg also took aim at the LGBT community when a same-sex couple was denied a wedding cake from a local bakery.

According to sources, Pastor Greg said, “The LGBTABCDEFG – whatever the foolish acronym is at this particular point ― they’ve gone overboard. They have fake outrage, selective drama,” he said. “Why don’t they get up and go try that nonsense at a Muslim bakery? See if they get their tails thrown out in the street and see what happens then. They wouldn’t be suing them.”

Secret Romance?

According to Pulpit and Pen’s report, the controversial pastor was allegedly in a relationship with Tai McGee, an administrative assistant at Global Vision Church.

“Tai was given a ministry position at the church shortly before this unfolded. Pulpit & Pen has seen text messages between Greg and others, acknowledging that he was indeed in a relationship with the woman, Tai. They have begun doing things together with their mutual families. We have also seen photos of the two together,” the report said.

There haven’t been any other sources to support this claim and it was revealed that there are no signs that Melissa is mentally ill. Not much is known about Melissa and even though she has a Twitter account, the mother of four hasn’t been active since 2014. She’s included the site for the “Global Vision Bible Church” in Tennessee where her husband is the active pastor, but she is not mentioned on the site, nor does she seem to hold a position within the church.

Greg Locke’s Depression and Anxiety

So far, there has been no comment from the Locke family confirming a divorce, but Greg did open up about his own personal struggles. According to reports and statements that were given by Locke, he has been suffering with internal personal struggles, including depression.

“There have been times in my life where I couldn’t get out of bed for days on end. Didn’t want to answer the phones, didn’t want to mess with the kids, didn’t want to just do the next thing because life was just a crap-fest,” he said.

He added, “When people that love you most ask you ‘what’s wrong’ it ticks you off all the more because explaining the unexplainable feelings that you have, the chaos within you, it’s impossible and it frustrates you. It makes you feel worse than you already are. I know what it’s like to have a full-blown panic attack five minutes before I walk unto the pulpit to preach to thousands of people around the world in a live stream audience especially. And sometimes we think, oh we can’t tell anybody. You better tell somebody.”

Whether or not reports of their alleged separation is true have not been confirmed by either party, but his congregation certainly doesn’t seem too pleased with him at this time.