Party Girl Michelle Rodriguez Tweets Being Model, Rich & Famous As “Sad Values”!

Party Girl Michelle Rodriguez

Hollywood actress Michelle Rodriguez shared her opinion on the general public’s interest in superficiality in one of her recent tweets. On Monday (March 14), Michelle Rodriguez went on Twitter to share her views on what common people are usually looking for these days. Michelle shared what Google had auto-completed during one of her recent searches.

Michelle Rodriguez

Source: Instagram/mrodofficial

Considering the on-going U.S. presidential election campaigns, Michelle might have been curious about the process of being a delegate. As she started typing “how to become a delegate” on Google, the genius search engine referred her to the most searched terms that follow “how to become.” The top searches after “become” suggested the words “model,” “rich,” and “famous.” Michelle was surprised to learn that this is what most people look for on the Internet and was quite miffed over the seeming inclinations of the general public. 



Michelle Rodriguez tweeted about this saying, “Wow I just tried googling how to become a delegate, and when I reached the word become, model, rich, & famous, popped up. So sad the values [sic].” The Fast and the Furious star conveyed that being a “model” or being “rich” or “famous” are in fact “sad values” that should not be the top searches for people.


Source: Instagram/mrodofficial

Speaking of sad values, the 37-year-old actress—who’s known for playing rugged and physically tough female leads in her movies—has been living a lifestyle that some could consider morally objectionable! Michelle has been touted as a party animal thanks to occurrences like the one last month when she was spotted leaving The Chiltern Firehouse, a night club in London, while completely wasted. 

And, we get Michelle’s take on the “model” part of it, but some could consider it strange for her to say since she once had a romance with 23-year-old British supermodel Cara Delevingne. Michelle was caught intoxicated and fooling around with Cara court-side at a Knicks game in 2014. 

Michelle’s recent Instagram post tells us a lot about what the actress believes in, especially in terms of personal hygiene and guns. This makes us wonder what Michelle Rodriguez actually considers to be better values for people in general!

From Oscar weekend festivities back to the world on guns n cars I love so much. I gotta say I’m gonna miss the armpit hair ;(

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