Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth: How Much Is the “Gold Rush” Star Making?

Parker Schnabel
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For Parker Schnabel, gold is his life, literally. The reality star/professional miner of the hit Discovery Channel show, Gold Rush, spends his days digging for gold all day long. But how much is he worth? We all wish we could find a gold nugget somewhere and make an easy $500.00, but it’s much harder than you think, even for a professional like Parker Schnabel, whose net worth is approximately $1.0 million! If you’re interested in what the young reality star makes, then have a look at our Parker Schnabel net worth.

Parker Schnabel Wiki

Parker Schnabel (22) was born in Haines, Alaska and followed in the family business of gold mining. His late grandfather, John Schnabel, owned the family gold mine, Big Nugget. Parker has been learning the trade ever since he could walk and he’s made a killing in the business. At just 16 years old, Parker took over Big Nugget and showed everyone that he had what it took to operate a team of experienced miners twice his age! It also helped that he found a serious amount of gold. Instead of heading to school, Parker used his college fund to start his own mining operation and found 1029 oz. of gold in the Klondike, during his first season. Not bad for a rookie! And although he’s pushed his crew to a few breaking points (and has had to deal with broken relationships along the way), Parker has always managed to keep his mind on business. You can also follow him on the official Parker Schnabel Instagram account.

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John Schnabel’s Death

Last March, Parker’s grandfather John, died in his sleep at 96 years old. He was born in 1920 in Kansas and was a bootlegger, who fled to Alaska to escape the law. He later joined the Army Air Corps in World War II. He was married to Erma Dire in 1950 and they had five children. He became a gold miner late in life to avoid boredom, after a triple bypass surgery he underwent in 1986. Before he died, he fought cancer and survived a health concern that became a cliff hanger on the show. He ran the Big Nugget mine until he passed the reins onto his grandsons, Parker and Payson. He often guest-starred on the show’s previous seasons. Parker posted a tribute to his late grandfather on Instagram.

“He lived a good life! Rest in peace my friend. Always a smile till the bitter end,” wrote Parker. He has also posted that mining isn’t the same without his grandfather since he died.

He lived a good life ! Rest in peace my friend. Always a smile till the bitter end.


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Parker Schnabel’s Girlfriend

It’s unusual for a man to be the gold digger in a relationship, but that’s literally what Parker is! His Australian girlfriend, Ashley Yule, isn’t in it for the money and he spoke highly of her in an interview with Channel Guide magazine.

“Ashley and I met in Australia,” said Parker. “We hit it off pretty well so I invited her over to spend some time in North America. Neither one of us knew what to expect but we had a lot of fun — she’s super easygoing, which is what you need out at a place like that. Ashley just rolls with the punches and helps out where she’s needed. If we need her to drive trucks she’ll drive trucks. She ended up cleaning gold a lot of the summer or helping do fuel things or whatever we needed her around the place. She stayed busy and tried to stay out of my way when I’m in rage mode. Yeah, it was fun. It was a good summer. I’m really glad Ashley was there for it.”

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How Much Does Parker Schnabel Make?

Mining is a dirty job, but if done right, it can pay very well. With Parker’s job as a miner and being on his reality show, his net worth comes to $1.0 million. That’s the thing about getting your own show: you get paid to be on TV, while at your paying job! Where can we get a gig like that? It wasn’t easy for Parker, who worked long hours with his crew and had to prove every day that he could make a life for himself and handle the family business. So far, it looks like all that hard work and sacrifice has paid off.

Last season, Parker had to cut down his staff and deal with the consequences in order to help the business.

“If we’re going to lower our goal and we want to make more money, of course we’re going to have to go with less people,” he said in a Channel Guide interview. “We really trimmed down the crew and went lean and mean and that is our way of saving money. Get the most out of the least amount of crew that you can.”

Now, Parker Schnabel is working on a new show called Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, which is a three-part docu-series that follows his small team into the Alaskan wilderness, as they follow the footsteps of  former gold miners. He also wants to prove to himself and his grandfather that he can make the journey.

“I want to test myself against my grandpa and the pioneers that came before him,” he said to People. “It’s just my way of having a bit of tribute to my grandpa.”

The new show premieres on Friday March 31 at 9:00 p.m. on Discovery Channel.

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