Paris Hilton Instagram followers have come to expect a very predictable flow of posts—glamorous photos of the heiress wearing racy clothes interspersed with a video here and there of her many claims to fame, like a promo video for her new fragrance or makeup collection. But every once in a while, Paris Hilton surprises us with something that doesn’t involve a sexy bikini shot, like earlier today when she shared some information on a charitable effort that she supports.

“So happy to donate to such an amazing cause. It’s so important to give back to those in need & make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you @ChelseaTena for making me aware of this incredible charity in the #Philippines. You have such a big heart & I am so proud of you. I look forward to visiting these children at the Gawad Kalinga Village in Tanay [sic],” wrote Hilton.

Accompanying the post was a collection of pictures of children in the Philippines who will presumably benefit from her donation. (She doesn’t actually mention the name of the charity.) But believe it or not, Paris Hilton—the same woman who, just a few hours ago, posted a whole 16-photo collage of her own face—wasn’t in a single shot; although she did manage to get in a picture of a poster that has her face and name on it. Regardless, you can’t help but respect Hilton for doing her part to give back, especially this time of year.



At least 11,000 of her followers also seemed to appreciate the sentiment, judging by the many likes that her post has garnered so far. Some fans even left comments thanking Hilton for having such a big heart.

The woman that Hilton tagged in her post, Chelsea Tena, shared the same collage on her own Instagram page, along with a heartfelt message thanking the “generous and kind hearted” star for her help to “feed hundreds of Filipino Children + giving them a food supply for at least 1 month.” Tena, who’s apparently a huge Paris Hilton fan herself, goes on to call Hilton “an angel sent from heaven.”

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