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Paris Hilton has proven that her partying days are behind her. She recently posted a fully-clad photo on Instagram, looking ethereal while holding up a mirror to her face, applying lipstick.

Paris Hilton may have been the party girl of the 2000s, but she’s come a long way since then. The 35-year-old socialite and Hilton hotels heiress rose to fame as the “it” girl of the millennium, gaining notoriety for her wild partying and a string of high-profile relationships. Hilton’s reality show, The Simple Life, which she starred alongside ex-BFF Nicole Richie, as well as a leaked sex tape with former flame Rick Salomon, led to her name being splashed across tabloid headlines. The singer-actress was the original Kim Kardashian; she catapulted to fame almost overnight thanks to her sex tape, 1 Night in Paris, and became famous for being…well, famous. Following her arrests for drug abuse and drunk driving, Hilton cleaned up her act and went on to become a successful businesswoman, author, and DJ. The blonde beauty recently posted a stunning photo on Instagram in which she looks every inch the Hollywood royalty that she is.

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Paris Hilton Posts Instagram Photo Applying Makeup

The blue-eyed heiress is back in the news after dabbling in numerous business ventures. It seems there isn’t anything Paris can’t do! The reality star has launched multiple retail lines, perfumes, and has even published books. After her initial years in the spotlight, Hilton has mostly stayed out of trouble, trying to change her image and make a name for herself. With the launch of her music career and moonlighting as a DJ, Hilton has succeeded in earning a spot for herself on the Billboard charts and her highly-anticipated second album is scheduled to release soon.

Paris Hilton’s latest Instagram photo caught the eye of her 6.5 million followers and was liked by nearly 14,000 people in one hour. The photo captioned “You mustn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter darling,” showcases the gorgeous jet-setter looking like a 1950s siren in a luxurious fur coat and elbow-length black gloves. Hilton’s long blonde locks are perfectly styled while her flawless makeup adds an aura of mystery, as she holds up lipstick to apply final touches. We must say, we’re absolutely loving this elegant version of Paris Hilton!

You mustn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter darling… ✨✨????????????????????✨✨

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