Pamela Anderson, 48, says, “I feel like I’m getting younger all the time,” despite the fact that she’s nearing 50. The former Baywatch star also claims that although she experimented with Botox in the past, she has now sworn off the procedure, because she felt like her eyes sunk into her head so far that she didn’t look like herself anymore. “I’m not into all that stuff,” she stated. These days, she says she does not care about aging and is ready to embrace it, saying, “It is what it is.”

The blonde beauty, who just launched a coffee table photo book called Raw with her close friend and photographer Emma Dunlavy, added that she believes in having “a healthy attitude” and doing good deeds to keep one young. Although, she did admit that some maintenance is good.

The mother of two also went on to praise her mother and former actress/model Brigitte Bardot, along with Jane Fonda, for their ability to personify the phrase, “beauty comes from within.”


While on the topic of beauty, Pamela Anderson is also making headlines for penning a very angry letter to the president of Estée Lauder about one of their companies, M.A.C Cosmetics, testing products on animals. M.A.C has always prided themselves on being a cruelty-free brand, which is why Anderson, an avid PETA supporter, agreed to be a spokesperson for the company back in 2004.

However, Anderson says she recently learned through PETA that M.A.C actually tests products on animals in China, which is legally required in order to sell their products in that country, something the actress doesn’t agree with. “This has tainted the brand and alienated many of the company’s longtime allies,” wrote Anderson.

M.A.C has admitted in a statement that they do in fact test on animals in China, but only because they’re required to by law. In her letter, Anderson urged the company to pull their products out of China as a means of getting around the issue. But the company seems to be refusing, stating that they’re a “global company” and are therefore “committed to providing [their] products and services to [their] consumers where they live,” which means they have no choice but to comply with any legal requirements set forth in the countries where they conduct business—probably not the answer Pamela Anderson was looking for.

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