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About Paige Hathaway
Age36 Years
BirthJuly 31, 1987 Minnesota

If there’s one person who can give you Monday Motivation every day of the week, it’s Paige Hathaway. You may not have heard of her, but she’s all over social media and ready to help you get that summer body all year round. You wanna talk about #AbGoals? Paige Hathaway is the definition! 

Everywhere you look, it seems there are people all over Instagram who have a fitness page and their own exercise methods. But there’s a reason Hathaway is one of the top 10 Instagram personalities trending right now, so she must know what she’s talking about.

If you want to learn more about her, then keep reading for details from Paige Hathaway’s wiki.

Paige Hathaway’s Age and Background

According to her website,, the health and fitness guru is 30 (turning 31), and was born on July 31, 1987. She grew up in poverty in a small town in Minnesota. Hathaway’s lived in different places but currently lives in Oklahoma. Her parents divorced when she was 4 and her father was an alcoholic. This led to an abusive household and Hathaway left with her mother, but eventually, she lived in foster homes and with her grandparents.

She turned her passion and love for fitness into a career (something she hadn’t expected). And now, Paige Hathaway’s a fitness trainer who’s ready to help others achieve their goals.

“There was no strategically planned path I took to a career in fitness,” said Hathaway on her website. “It all started rather unexpectedly. In 2011 I was not the toned and fit woman I am today, as some of you know from my social media posts. I was very thin with hardly any muscle tone. It was then that I was approached by a trainer at the gym about proper health and nutrition. After speaking with the trainer I decided to step out of my comfort zone and enter my first bikini competition.”

That’s when things started to turn around for Hathaway. So, she put all her effort into sculpting herself in ways most women could only dream of.

But hard work pays off. And clearly, Paige Hathaway is proof!

Now, she’s an inspiration to many to complete their fitness goals. And one look at her Instagram account will make you more motivated than ever before!

Check out Paige Hathaway’s workouts below. (She makes them look hella fun, by the way!).


Paige Hathaway’s Instagram

If you have ever visited Hathaway’s Instagram page, then you already know how much she lives and breathes her work. Not to mention how fit she is!

We don’t know if there’s a better word for “fit.” But if there is, she’s definitely it, because we can’t find one ounce of fat on her!

For Hathaway, consistency is key. And just looking at Paige Hathaway’s pics at random, you can always find her working out.

It probably helps that she gets paid to look and feel as good as she does. But she fell in love with fitness long before she made a profit from it!

Now, she’s inspiring others to do the same! (Remember: look good, feel good!)

Not only does she work out, but she also enjoys traveling as much as the next person. Whether it’s Germany or Dubai, Hathaway can be seen having a good time in an exotic place.

And seriously, we’re not sure anyone rocks a bikini like this chick!

Paige Hathaway’s Accomplishments

Hathaway fell in love with fitness early on and since then, she’s made it her mission to succeed. She’s also not without a few accolades of her own! Check out the placements she’s made in notable competitions:

  • 2011 Ronnie Coleman Classic Class C, 2nd
  • 2012 NPC Oklahoma City Grand Prix Class D, 2th
  • 2013 NPC USA Championships Class D, 16th
  • 2013 NPC Junior USA Championships, 14th

Thanks to Hathaway’s toned body, she’s landed on many magazine covers, including Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Health and Fitness, Dakini, and Muscle Development.

She’s also not afraid to flaunt that chiseled physique, which surprisingly sometimes gets flak from haters. Some feel the need to criticize women for being “too toned,” saying that it looks too “masculine.”

But it looks like Hathaway can’t hear the haters through her gorgeous physique and toned muscles! Go, girl!

Paige Hathaway’s Boyfriend

While she has been rumored to have dated fellow trainer Dickerson Ross, Hathaway has was publicly in a relationship with Casper Smart. Yes, that’s the same Casper Smart that dated Jennifer Lopez! The pair dated in November 2017 (after JLo) but appear to be broken up now. Currently, it looks like this power chick is single! (Though, we’re sure some lucky guy will land in her lap—or in her gym!)

Her Success Stories

As an F45 trainer and creator of “Fit in 5”, Hathaway always posts success stories about people who have reached their goals. It’s one of the ways she helps motivate people, and one look at her would want to make anyone hit the gym.

Whether you subscribe to her website or join her at an F45 studio, the fitness expert will whip you into shape!

We can only imagine what healthy eating habits she has or what Paige Hathaway’s diet consists of. But one thing we do know is that she’s gone 10 days without pizza, which isn’t easy.

She’s helped over 4,000 customers and has devoted her life to helping others look and feel their best.

If you want real results, tips, and motivation, then Paige Hathaway is the one you need to follow. She’s the epitome of healthy living, and she’s not here to play around.

Summer’s almost here. So, trust us when we say that there’s no better account to follow if you’re looking to get “summer bod” ready!