The looming Erin Andrews video case has finally made its way to court—she’s suing a Marriott hotel over lewd videos that were obtained through her room’s peephole back in 2008. The sports reporter launched a $75 million lawsuit against the renowned hotel franchise’s manager and owner. The trial is now officially underway with an opening statement from each side to be delivered in court today.

As we previously reported, the defendant, Michael David Barrett, has already pled guilty to the charges, namely that he did, in fact, rent the hotel rooms beside the Dancing with the Stars host in three different cities for the purpose of tampering with the peepholes to illicitly obtain nude videos.  The Erin Andrews video case turned into a $75 million lawsuit after she accused the hotel management of negligence for sharing her room number with Barrett and then letting him book the room next to hers. She’s also suing for emotional damages and the invasion of her privacy.

Erin Andrews appeared in court yesterday for the trial’s jury selection and will likely show up again today for the opening statement. The Erin Andrews video trial is expected to go on for anywhere from 10 days to two weeks.


Photo: Instagram/erinandrews

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