Olivia VanderWaal: Facts You Need to Know About Grace VanderWaal’s Sister

Vanderwaal Family

Grace VanderWaal knocked out the competition at the America’s Got Talent season 11 live finale last night (September 14) with her adorable smile, unique voice and self-composed songs. Fans of the 12-year-old singing sensation were frantically searching “Grace VanderWaal wins AGT” to see replays of her heart-warming reaction to the announcement. Grace VanderWaal’s family is equally thrilled to see Grace win, including Grace VanderWaal’s sister, Olivia VanderWaal. Who is she? Here are some facts to know about the AGT winner’s big sister.

Grace VanderWaal Family

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She’s Grace’s #1 Fan

Born January 1, 2004, Grace was welcomed into the world by her parents, Tina and Dave VanderWaal. She has two older siblings: her brother Jakob, and her sister, Olivia. When it comes to having best friends, Grace doesn’t have to look too far—her siblings are always right beside her to cheer her on and give her the confidence she needs. Olivia VanderWaal loves supporting her sister and often used her social media accounts to promote her sister.



She’s a Fashionista

Olivia’s Instagram (@vanderandii) has several photos that show off her own unique sense of fashion and style, as she rocks blue hair, plaid shirts, chokers, and other interesting necklaces. She seems to be a big fan of Halloween as almost half of her photos are of her dressed up as various characters!


She’s Also an Entertainer

Grace is not the only sibling of the VanderWaals with raw talent! One of Olivia’s Twitter posts (@OVanderwaal) reveals she is able to play two recorders with each of her nostrils! If that’s not talent, what is?



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