There’s a new development in the case of late singer Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, who had mysteriously died in 2015. The autopsy report of the late Bobbi Kristina will be out in public by today (March 4), and the court has already ordered the Fulton County authorities to handle the report discreetly and disclose only the essential information. Its been almost eight months since the world was shocked and hurt to know Bobbi Kristina had been laid in a grave in New Jersey, right next to the grave of legendary singer Whitney Houston, her mother. It’s now only a matter of time until the world finds out how the 22-year-old Bobbi Kristina died in July last year, and why she was left in a state of fatal coma for months before her demise.

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The Fulton County of Georgia has received the full autopsy report of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death, but hasn’t got a signed authorization for its public disclosure from the court that handled the case of Brown’s strange death. The Fulton County medical examiner stated that they will receive such authorization very soon, and may be able to hold a press conference on a particular day, most likely today. However, the county’s District Attorney Paul Howard thinks it’s not the right time to make this document public. The DA, who had himself sealed the autopsy report, thinks the investigations of her death are still going on and making the autopsy report public might hamper the process. The DA urged the media to behave with discretion, and will be unsealing the autopsy as per the court order. The Fulton County medical authorities have known the details of Bobbi Kristina’s autopsy from the time it was conducted, and have kept mum about it till the investigations were through. Howard had sealed the report and kept it closed within the walls of Superior Court Henry Newkirk’s office in September 2015.


After months of the media appealing the court for its disclosure on the grounds of the First Amendment, the court will be granting a public exposition of the autopsy report, provided that it’s a discreet press conference and only essential elements of the autopsy get revealed. News channels and the public, in general, are curious to find out if Kristina’s coma was induced due to the alleged overdose of heroin. The digital documentary, Inside the Triangle, was about heroin use in Atlanta’s affluent suburbs and had also revealed a connection between Bobbi Kristina’s death and similar deaths in the area that were relative to drug overdose.

Bobbi Kristina Brown was the daughter of singers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, and her grandmother was gospel singer CeCe Winans. After Whitney Houston’s tragic death in a bath tub in 2012 (as a result of heart attack from cocaine overdose), the then 17-year-old Bobbi had stayed composed and was involved in a steady relationship with Nick Gordon, a family friend. Bobbi had inherited a big chunk of Whitney’s estate worth $115 million. While growing up, Bobbi was seen in tabloids stories of drug abuse, and was criticized for her drastic weight loss due to these habits.

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On January 31, 2015, Nick Gordon and another friend of the couple found Bobbi Kristina Brown face down in her Georgia home bathtub. After immediate hospitalization and relentless medical efforts, Bobbi Kristina was declared brain dead and gone into a coma. Besides some rarely occurring eye-movements, Bobbi had shown no signs of improvements. The doctors believed the coma had been induced due to heavy drug or alcohol intake. After her family’s rigorous efforts in giving Bobbi the world’s best medical treatment, she passed away in a vegetative state on July 26, 2015. Her unknown cause of death and the speculated drug overdose has kept her beau Nick Gordon under the scanner for his role in Bobbi Kristina’s drug problem. The autopsy release is bound to clear out the real cause of her death, and why Bobbi Kristina met an end similar to her mother Whitney’s.

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