While most toddlers would prefer toys and cartoons, Novak Djokovic’s child seems to have much more refined taste. The tennis pro just shared a 15-second clip on Twitter of his one-year-old son, Stefan, watching a video of a performance by Nemanja Radulovic, a renowned violinist.

In the clip, the toddler appears to be so engrossed in the concert and only breaks his concentration to laugh and clap. In the caption, Djokovic wrote, “Love how my boy reacts on violin concert of @NemanjaRadulOFF,” followed by weekend music notes and a smiley face.

Djokovic’s tweet was definitely a hit with his followers, many of whom commented on how cute his son is. In addition to being liked by over 1,700 fans, it was also retweeted more than 460 times. Djokovic also shared the video on his Facebook page, where it racked up hundreds of comments and almost 20,000 likes.


In addition to his fans, Djokovic’s video also caught the attention of Radulovic himself, who shared the video on his own Twitter and Facebook pages, adding, “He’s gonna be a conductor! [sic]”

While it looks like Djokovic Jr. is more interested in classical music than tennis, his famous father’s career is at an all-time high. This past weekend, he dominated Andy Murray in the Paris Masters, effectively securing his tenth title this year alone—his 2016 collection also includes six series crowns from the Masters 1000 and three grand slam wins.

At just 28 years old, Djokovic is well aware of how far he’s come. “It’s by far the best year of my life,” he said in a recent CNN interview. “I’m trying to cherish every moment spent on the court.”

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