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If you woke up this morning wondering “How old is North West?” or “What is the North West age?” then it’s probably because today is the North West birthday! The famous first born of famed rapper and socialite, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian respectively, turns three years old today! In her short three years of life, North (also known as Nori) has done more things than most adults, from skiing in Aspen to flying on a private jet around the world. North West, the baby everyone is always talking about, has no shortage of North West pictures and fans adore her as one of the newest additions to the next generation of the Kardashian empire. In honor of celebrating her birthday, we decided to share some facts about North West as well as some North West photos!

North’s Net Worth

Christmas Eve 2015. I put up tons of pics on my app! Xoxo

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West are reportedly worth $215.0 million combined, which means they spare no expense on their first born, giving her all the finest things the world has to offer. It’s not enough that she lives in a lavish custom-made mansion (with an elevator) in Los Angeles, but doting da, Kanye spent $62,000 on a diamond tiara, $74,000 on her Christmas gifts, and $12,000 on a black toy SUV for her. She may not be able to walk the streets alone yet, but so far North is living the good life, driving around in style like a princess. Though she has no net worth of her own yet, it’s been reported that when she turns 21, Kanye will be giving her $10.0 million! It’s safe to say North won’t be singing the blues any time soon.

Model In Training

Missing NYC

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Thanks to the paparazzi that follow Kim everywhere she goes there’s no shortage of North West photos on the Internet. But, don’t think for a second that these are embarrassing, because they’re far from it. Just like her mother and father, North has inherited the fashion gene and unknowingly shares her sartorial genius with the world for all toddlers to admire. North is always dressed from head to toe in haute couture, (which is French for too expensive for mere mortals) and is seen front row and center with her mother at the world’s best fashion shows. If she were old enough, North would definitely get an invite to the exclusive Met Gala, joining the rest of her famous family. Could modeling be in North’s future? Only time will tell.

Saint West

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Though there’s no doubt North is spoiled rotten, she isn’t alone when it comes to being a privileged baby. She now shares the spotlight with her baby brother, Saint West, who was born on December 5, 2015. The two are inseparable, and by the looks of things, they don’t seem to be fighting that much. We’re sure that there’s enough parental perks to go around for the famous siblings.


My little Balmain Ballerina

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She may only be three, but she already has her own fan-created Instagram account under the name “itsbabynori,” and we aren’t surprised at all. The account is littered with pictures of North and all her many adventures and has a following of 146,000! Not bad for a kid who’s not very talkative.


Yesterday marked 2 years since Kim and Kanye’s Vogue US Cover! ???????? North was so little ???????? #kanyewest #kimkardashian #northwest

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Shortly after she was born, North was featured in an issue of Vogue along with her parents. Most people would kill for a chance to be on one page of Vogue, let alone several. But then again, most people aren’t North West!