Iliza Shlesinger’s Husband Noah Galuten (Photo: Facebook/noah.galuten)

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger is married to famous chef Noah Galuten. He is also a food writer who covers Los Angeles’ restaurant industry. Learn more about Iliza Shlesinger’s husband with details from Noah Galuten’s wiki.

About Noah Galuten
Age41 Years
BirthSeptember 21, 1982 Santa Monica, California
SpouseIliza Shlesinger May 2018 - Present
SiblingsJason Galuten
ParentsNancy Lyons, Albhy Galuten
AddressLos Angeles, California
CountryUnited States
JobFood Writer, Chef
AlumniUCLA, Santa Monica High School
Works ForBludso’s Bar & Que
BookOn Vegetables: Modern Recipes for the Home Kitchen
TV ShowChopped

Noah Galuten Is from California

Noah Galuten was born on September 21, 1982. Hailing from Santa Monica in California, he attended Santa Monica High School. He studied Theater at UCLA and graduated in 2004.

Galuten tried his hand at being a playwright in New York after he graduated. However, due to his unsuccessful career, Galuten started the blog, Man Bites World.

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Galuten Is a Food Writer

When he was 25 years old, Galuten was a broke and unemployed playwright. He decided to try different cuisine from a different country every day and write about it on his blog, Man Bites World.

Galuten currently runs a kitchen at a famous barbecue restaurant and hosts a food web series. Now that his blog is no more, he has worked as a food writer, a restaurant critic, a server, and a bartender.

Noah Galuten Kevin Bludso

Noah Galuten with Kevin Bludso. (Photo: Facebook/noah.galuten)

He used to post videos on his YouTube channel, Tasted. Galuten has written for several publications like LA Weekly and Los Angeles magazine.

Currently, he works for the Golden State restaurant group, where he looks after Bludso’s Bar & Que locations, Cofax, and Prime Pizza in Los Angeles.

He has co-authored the book, On Vegetables, with Jeremy Fox. Additionally, Galuten appeared on Chopped on the Food Network for their “Web Stars” episode.

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Noah Galuten’s Father Is a Grammy Winner

He was born to Nancy Lyons and Albhy Galuten. They have two sons together—Noah Galuten and Jason Galuten.

Galuten’s father is a composer, musician, songwriter, and Grammy Award-winning producer. He has produced 18 No. 1 singles with songs, including over 100 million albums sold.

Noah Galuten's Father

Noah Galuten shared a throwback photo with his dad on Father’s Day. (Photo: Instagram/galuten)

Nancy Lyons lives in Los Angeles and attended UCLA. She currently works as a landscape and garden designer. Lyons is passionate about creating gardens and outdoor living spaces.

She got married to Jimmy Haslip on April 10, 1993. Haslip is a musician who is into producing music. He is Noah and Jason Galuten’s stepfather.

Jason Galuten, who goes by the name Shantam Jason Galuten, is also a musician. He is married to Stephanie Conway Galuten, who works at Mount Madonna Center.

Galuten has a half-sister named Gabriela Haslip. She currently studies at Otis College of Art and Design. Haslip is in a relationship with Elliott James Batson.

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Galuten Met Iliza Shlesinger Online

Shlesinger and Galuten met each other on a dating app in July 2016, and they pretty much hit it off. When they started dating, Shlesinger protected his identity by using the name, Smoky Husky. Galuten decided to put a ring on it less than a year later.

In mid-2017, Shlesinger revealed that she got engaged to Noah Galuten.

Noah Galuten's Wife

Noah Galuten with his wife, Iliza Shlesinger. (Photo: Instagram/galuten)

She spoke about the proposal and said, “We went out to dinner, and I remember starting to unbutton my pants as I came in the door because I had to pee.”

Shlesinger further explains that she saw that their living room was full of flowers and candles. Galuten tried to stop her from leaving the room and told her that he wanted to do something before she used the loo.

She started crying and turned away from him, screaming that the proposal couldn’t take place with her fly down. Ultimately, she managed to zip up her pants, and when Shlesinger turned around, Galuten was proposing.

Shlesinger said, “He’d arranged for my assistant and his mother to set the whole thing up while we were out.”

On May 12, 2018, Galuten and Shlesinger walked down the aisle at South Park City Center in downtown Los Angeles. It was a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony.

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