“No Nut November” Memes: No Spanking the Monkey This Month!

no nut november
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The real test of manhood is surviving “No Nut November,” the latest (and strangest) trend to hit the Internet. The rule is that you cannot masturbate for the whole of November, but you can have sexual intercourse with your wife or girlfriend—provided you have one! If not, your only saving grace is that you get three lucky strikes and then you are out. Many a brave man has failed to get past “No Nut November.” So, in light of this challenge, check out these funny “No Nut November” memes below!

You must have heard of “No Shave November” but have you heard of “No Nut November?” Well, it’s also exclusively for men but with a crucial difference. It’s about “masturbation.” That’s right!

During “No Nut November,” men have to give up masturbating for a whole month. Ouch!

But, there is a loophole…

Guys are allowed to engage in sexual intercourse during this month with their wives or girlfriends if they have one. What a relief!

A Little Mercy Goes a Long Way

Another rule of this challenge is that you get three strikes and then you are out. Wow! Thank goodness for small mercies!

It may get a little lonely during November, so the creators of “No Nut November” have taken that into consideration before framing this challenge. So, there’s no need to pull out your hair in frustration!

What’s the Point?

So, what is the purpose of “No Nut November?” And what cause does it support?

Well, absolutely nothing! “No Shave November” was conceived to create awareness of men’s issues, with one of them being “prostate cancer.”

But according to medical science, masturbating actually reduces the chances of getting prostate cancer! So, doesn’t having a “No Nut November” kind of defeat the purpose? After all, a little masturbation never hurt anybody!

Masturbation is the best form of safe and responsible sex. No to mention easy!

There are no worries about STDs and unwanted baby mamas. It also helps in keeping control of the ever-growing human population. Seriously, guys, there is a long list of reasons why “spanking the monkey” or “flogging the dolphin” is actually a good thing!

Time to Be a Man

So, to make this challenge easier for you, we have some funny and hilarious “No Nut November” memes that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

After all, as one man has tweeted, “If you not participating in no nut november in preparation for the Christmas night mega nut, you are not a real man. [sic]”

#1. Everybody Needs a Break

#2. Figures Don’t Lie

#3. A Dog’s Life Ain’t That Bad

#4. Honesty Is So Touching

#5. It Isn’t Easy Being a Man

#6. Making the Best of What You’ve Got

#7. Collateral Damage

#8. Time to Beat the Meat

#9. Sincerity Is Always Appreciated

#10. A Role Model to Die For


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