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Nipsey Hussle's Estimated Net Worth: $8.0 million

Reportedly five years in the making, Nipsey Hussle released his debut studio album, Victory Lap in February 2018. And it’s not like he’s new to the scene; he released a bunch of high-quality mixtapes over the years and built up a massive fan following, so you can imagine why fans are excited. Nipsey Hussle’s net worth in 2018 was approximately $8.0 million. He invests a lot of time, passion, and hard work to create growth opportunities for inner-city youth and he’s still got a ton in the bank. Keep reading to learn more about this budding artist’s finances. 

Nipsey Hussle certainly didn’t “hussle” when it comes to releasing new music; he took his time. Even though the rapper has been churning out mixtapes for almost a decade, it was only on February 16, 2018 that he dropped his long-awaited debut studio album, Victory Lap.

Nipsey Hussle’s net worth at the time of death, March 2019 was $8.0 million, but given all of the businesses he operates and music he’s planning on releasing in the coming years, that’s definitely going to increase! What’s that they say? All good things come to those who wait…

Labor of Love

The album didn’t come easy, as it was almost five years in the making. But as per early reports, it looks like the wait was well worth it; fans already have nothing but praise for Victory Lap.

Before the success of the album was even secure, people wanted to know more about his financial situation. It’s been reported that Nipsey Hussle’s net worth in 2018 was estimated at an approximate $4.5 million, and with the release of his highly anticipated album, it’s sure to increase this year.

Nipsey Hussle’s Net Worth Compared to Other Rappers

Artist Net Worth
Wiz Khalifa $45.0 million
Future $14.0 million
Chance the Rapper $9.0 million
Lil Uzi Vert $7.0 million
21 Savage $4.0 million
Lil Pump $4.0 million
Nipsey Hussle $8.0 million

A Slew of Mixtapes

– Hussle has been releasing mixtapes since 2005. They have slowly and steadily built his reputation as a hot new rapper to watch out for. His mixtapes include Slauson Boy Volume 1, Bullets Ain’t Got No Name Vol.1, Vol.2, and Vol.3, The Marathon, The Marathon Continues, Crenshaw, Mailbox Money, and Famous Lies and Unpopular Truth.

– Some of Hussle’s singles that have won over numerous fans include: “Hussle in the House,” “Feelin’ Myself,” “Proud of That,” “Face the World,” “Blessings,” and “FDT (F**k Donald Trump).”

– In late 2010, he started his own label, All Money In.

Impressive Record Sales

For someone who’s only released one studio album and a string of mixtapes over the past 10 years, Nipsey Hussle’s record sales have been pretty extraordinary.

In March of 2018, his album Victory Lap peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard charts and stayed in that position for four consecutive weeks.

Before that, Mailbox Money took the 98th spot on the Billboard charts for one week in 2015. Just getting one hit single to rank on the Billboard charts is a pretty amazing feat. But for a relatively unknown artist at the time to get two hit songs ranking on the charts is beyond impressive!

Victory Lap earned 53,000 units in its first week, and was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 61st Grammy Awards. There’s no doubt that this was one of the best-selling hip-hop albums of 2018!

Making Good Investments

In 2018, Hussle invested in several business ventures like a hair store with his brother, a crypto currency-focused technology company, and a billion-dollar community development project in South Los Angeles.

Nipsey is no stranger to taking some unusual financial risks all in the name of furthering his brand and getting people to take notice.

In 2013, he unleashed an intelligent marketing campaign called Proud2Pay. The campaign entailed charging customers $100.00 per physical copy of his mixtape, Crenshaw. It was such a huge success that not only did he sell out of the mixtape in 24 hours, but Jay-Z bought 100 copies of it. Nipsey made $100,000 from that campaign.

When it was time to release his next mixtape, Mailbox Money, two years later, Nipsey was able to recreate the magic of his initial campaign while also increasing his profits. Once again, he sold out of all of his inventory, this time selling each disc for $1,000 each.

Nipsey Hussle’s Business Ventures

In the past year, Nipsey Hussle has taken on numerous potentially lucrative business ventures that have also helped him expand his creative repertoire.

Nipsey has turned the Marathon brand into a household name among urban youth. He owns and operates the storefront, which is located at Slauson and Crenshaw in Los Angeles, California.

It’s considered to be one of the first successful smartstores in which customers can not only purchase clothing items on the spot. But they can also download an app that gives them first access to exclusive content released by the rapper. On top of all of that, Nipsey is also a shareholder in the new cryptocurrency app called Follow Coin.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Nipsey also signed a potentially lucrative deal with Atlantic Records prior to the release of his debut full-length album, Victory Lap.

Nipsey Hussle’s Deals

Through his Los Angeles-based record label, All Money In, Nipsey Hussle entered into a strong business deal with Atlantic Records in 2017. His February 2018 debut album, Victory Lap, was released as part of this deal.

Although this is a multi-record deal, the details of the agreement are undisclosed to the public. All we know for sure is that Nipsey operates his business dealings with an otherwise unparalleled level of integrity and he has a mission.

Nipsey’s goal is to make sure that his music sends the right message and has a positive social impact on his fans. Here’s what he had to say about partnering with Atlantic Records:

“So, the goal would be, as a content creator, to create a piece of content that affects one person so much that they gotta go share it, and they become your marketing. They become the legs for what you’re doing. Because if you focus and zero in, you can inspire a person to a degree that they work for the movement.”

Nipsey understands that he won’t be able to reach this level of success over night and it’s going to take a lot of hard work and tenacity to be able to create the type of content that has that big of a global impact on his listeners.

Innovative Marketing Strategies

– Hussle reportedly sold 1,000 hard copies of Crenshaw for $100.00 each in less than 24 hours, effectively making a cool $100,000 in October 2013. This marketing strategy was dubbed the #ProudtoPay campaign.

– In 2015, he raised the stakes by offering only 100 units of Mailbox Money at $1,000 each.

– Out of all of the vehicles he owns, Nipsey Hustle’s favorite car is his new Mercedes-Maybach S600, which he regularly takes out for video shoots.

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Endorsing Prestigious Brands

-Thanks to Hussle’s burgeoning popularity, he secured several endorsement deals for brands such as Puma, Beats By Dre, Elite Human Hair, and Lace Me Up.

Creating Opportunities in Inner Cities

Hussle is currently involved in a community development real estate project known as STEM, where the purpose is to create a center for youth interested in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics. The network and resource center will create a direct pipeline from inner cities to Silicon Valley.

The first few cities expected to see STEM centers are Los Angeles, Baltimore, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and San Diego. Nipsey Hussle is trying to give back to his community and help the youth build their future as he brings his music to a wider audience.