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Tyler Blevins aka Ninja's Estimated Net Worth: $7.0 million
About Tyler Blevins
Known AsNinja
Age27 Years
BirthJune 5, 1991 Michigan, Illinois
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight63 kg
SpouseJessica Goch 2017 - Present
SiblingsChris Blevins, Brother
AddressChicago, Illinois
CountryUnited States
JobPro Gamer
AffiliationTwitch, Partnered Streamer, 2011 - Present
AlumniGrayslake High School, Silver Lake College
Works ForLuminosity Gaming
Birth SignGemini

Are fans still talking about Drake and Ninja’s record Twitch streaming session from Wednesday night? Of course, they are! And now, people want to know how much the pro gamer is actually making to play. Thanks to all that gaming, Ninja’s net worth in 2018, is estimated at $7.0 million. We’ve got the scoop.

Unless you’re a gamer, you probably haven’t heard of the famous gamer, 26-year-old Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. But if you’ve been hearing his name being buzzed about lately, it’s no surprise; he’s been making more and more headlines for his moves! Here’s what we know about his ability to turn gaming into pure gold.

Playing with Drake

    • On Wednesday night, Drake joined Blevins for a game of “Fortnite” on Twitch.
    • The “Hotline Bling” rapper and pro gamer broke streaming records when 600,000 people signed on to watch them play the popular survival game.
    • Drake tipped fans off by broadcasting his evening plans on Twitch to social media, which only helped Ninja get more views. People instantly became interested in the gamer facing off against Drake. (While many Drake fans were just as in shock about what a “secret gaming nerd” Drake truly is!)
    • The pair were eventually joined by Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith Schuster and rapper Travis Scott, which resulted in an unexpected celebrity match! People were going crazy over it on Twitter!

How Much Does Ninja Make?

  • Married and still in his 20s, Blevins is already a young millionaire.
  • The exact amount of his net worth is unknown but according to an interview with Forbes, Blevins shed some light on how much he earns for doing what he loves.
  • According to his Forbes interview, the pro gamer confirmed that he earns $3.50 for each $4.99 Twitch subscription. For a total of 186K subscribers, that’s roughly $651,000 per month!
  • For easy math, you could multiply $651,000 by 12 months in order to get over $7.0 million, but net worth calculations are actually more complicated than that.
  • The estimate also doesn’t account for his YouTube earnings and any sponsorships or donations he receives.
  • Blevins also stated that he wan’t sure he could give specific numbers, due to contractual reasons, but he also doesn’t discuss money that often. Why not? It’s because he doesn’t do it for the money or fame, just the love of the game!
  • Blevins also received a donation of $62,000 from a Twitch viewer! Which for tax purposes, can be considered income.

Rich or not, Blevins has the best job in the world doing what he loves. Who wouldn’t love to make a career out of (and get paid the big bucks for) literally playing video games?! He already landed the honor of being chosen as a Bud Light All Star, which only helped to increase his money and fame—and that was before Drake stopped by to visit.


Right now, many are inspired by him after seeing his huge success in the gaming world.  He has proved (mostly to his parents) that he could make something of himself through gaming, even if it’s not all about the money. But he honed the skills needed to stand out from the millions of hopeful gamers. Who wouldn’t love to “play” for their career and make a life out of doing just that? We know we would!

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