If you were to go through actress Nina Dobrev’s Instagram page, you’d find an abundance of cheerful selfies, pictures of unicorns, and food photos. However, what the 26-year-old actress posted recently will make you rethink your views about her. Dobrev seemed to be in a pensive mood when she shared a very deep quote on her Instagram page, which got fans to re-declare their love for her!

The Vampire Diaries star uploaded an image with words that echo the current situation of what the meaning of beauty is in today’s world. The photo read: “Ahhh but beauty is boring. It has become the ultimate cover-up for flaws, emptiness and even wickedness. Show me someone with character, kindness and compassion and I’ll show you someone who possess my kind of beauty. [sic]”

For the caption, Dobrev had a few words of her own to add: “Character, kindness and compassion. That’s what I call beautiful. #truecolors #stunningheart #beautifulsoul [sic].” And her followers did not disappoint, what with the picture receiving over half a million likes in just 45 minutes. While most of the comments left were along the lines of, “I love you!” and “True that,” one commenter did point out the similarities between Dobrev and her Vampire Diaries character. The fan wrote, “This is soo Katherine Pierce like! [sic].” Another fan also appreciated the message saying, “Just what I needed to hear today. #inspiration”


While Dobrev’s fans are still getting over her exit from the hit show in its sixth season, her former co-star (and ex-boyfriend), Ian Somerhalder, recently spoke to Variety, explaining how things have changed after her departure. He admitted initial doubts about the show running without its central character, but went on to reassure fans that even he was impressed by how the story was eventually put together.

Nina Dobrev, Instagram post, November 17, 2015.
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