Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, 54, recently sat down for an emotional TV interview and opened up about the rocky end to her marriage with 70-year-old businessman Charles Saatchi.

The celebrity couple made headlines back in June 2013 when photos surfaced of Saatchi with his hands around his young wife’s neck in public. He claimed the pictures didn’t depict what really happened, and less than a month later, Saatchi was surprisingly the one who filed for divorce after 10 years of marriage. At the time, he admitted that he was disappointed with how his wife kept silent about the whole incident, and that they had been having marriage troubles for a while.

Saatchi later claimed that his relationship with Nigella Lawson first started as an affair—they supposedly started seeing each other six months before her first husband died of cancer. Unfortunately, a crumbled marriage and a bitter ex-husband were just the beginning of Lawson’s downfall. In November 2013, two of the celebrity couple’s personal assistants were on trial for fraud and accused Lawson of bribing them to keep quiet about her drug problem; she later admitted to using cocaine.


Nigella Lawson has since tried to move on with her life, but looking back, she still compares the fallout of her May-December marriage and the legal troubles over the past year to “having a layer of skin removed.”

She also admitted in the interview that all of the scrutiny over her marriage and her drug use has pushed her to become more sensitized to what she sees in the media. “I’m not an innocent, I understand how it works. I just don’t involve myself. I don’t speak and don’t comment. I could say things and be indiscreet, but I don’t want to,” she said in the interview.

Despite the public end of her May-December marriage and the embarrassing court drama, Nigella Lawson is still trying to stay optimistic about the future. “I have had better times; it is spring and I am feeling better and I am very happy to be here.”

Meanwhile, her older ex-husband has gotten past their rough times by finding himself a new younger woman. Charles Saatchi is now reportedly dating fashion designer Trinny Woodall, who’s 20 years his junior.



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Photo Credit: landmarkmedia / Shutterstock.com

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