Despite acting in several notable movies and TV shows, model/actress Nicolette Scorsese is remembered for her short scene in the Chevy Chase holiday comedy classic, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. She was beautiful, smart, and sent hearts racing every time she appeared on screen. Keep reading for more information about her in our Nicolette Scorsese wiki.

Is Nicolette Scorsese related to Martin Scorsese? Despite the fact that both have ties to Hollywood and share the same last name, they are not related. The director is 12 years older than the actress, and although he married five times in his life, she is not one of his ex-wives. Since people want to know more about her, we’ve gathered some facts and got the scoop on her.

The Hot Girl in Christmas Vacation

Nicolette Scorsese’s age is 63, and she’s worked as both a model and an actress. She is most famous for her role as Mary, the lingerie counter girl in the comedy classic, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, which many consider to be the best installment of the Vacation franchise.

Scorsese also appeared in several movies like Boxing Helena and Aspen Extreme, as well as a few episodes of TV shows like The A-Team and Charles in Charge. She started her career as a model and even dated 1980s hunk, Antonio Sabato Jr., who is known for acting in films and shows like The Big Hit, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas.


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Shining Star for a Brief While

Scorsese did not have much of a career in Hollywood, despite regularly landing roles until 2000. The last time she was seen and photographed was at an art opening in 2006. There is no information on Nicolette Scorsese’s net worth at this time.

In the 1980s, Scorsese had several boyfriends, including Jellybean Benitez and Billy Duffy. There are even rumors that she once dated acclaimed actor Sean Penn. But whether or not she is single is currently unknown.

Hollywood is a tough place to get ahead, and it looks like Nicolette Scorsese decided to go on a different path.

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