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Celebrities often go under the knife to get the perfect lips, butt, nose, and anything else. Nicole Kidman is no exception to this rule. Kidman has done her fair share of plastic surgery to get the perfect face and body. Take a look at Nicole Kidman’s before and after photos.

Plastic surgery has become a very common thing these days. For some, it is as good as going to the doctor to cure your cold or fever. Hollywood actors and actresses are under tremendous pressure to look elegant and timeless, which is why many celebrities decide to go under the knife. Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgery has thankfully not been a disaster. She looked gorgeous even before having work done, and still looks stunning today.

If you take a look at Nicole Kidman’s face, you can notice that the Bewitched actress has gone under the knife. The star has admitted to regretfully using Botox, but there were rumors of her undergoing plastic surgery long before that. Initially, she denied the rumors but, in 2013, she opened up about her Botox injections.

Nicole Kidman Pics

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Nicole Kidman Face

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In an interview, Kidman stated that she never underwent surgery, she just tried Botox which she felt did not have a favorable result on her face. Although she denied plastic surgery, there are photos that people say suggest otherwise.

It has also been stated by sources that Kidman underwent breast augmentation to increase her bust size.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Pics

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Nicole Kidman After Plastic Surgery

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In 2014, when she made an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival to promote her film, Marnie, her face looked pumped up and frozen, which is what can happen when too much Botox is injected.

Many plastic surgeons weighed in, and were positive that Kidman used Botox to get fuller lips and to lift up her cheeks. It is also possible that Nicole Kidman may have done laser resurfacing, as it is difficult to have a bright and firm skin.

It has also been speculated that she underwent a facelift, as the area near mouth has no wrinkles, and the skin near her neck is not saggy. Whether it’s plastic surgery, or amazing genes, only Kidman knows.