Actor Nicolas Cage accepted his first minor movie role in 1982’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High, hoping that it would be his ticket to Hollywood. It might have been—the film was fairly well-received—if most of Cage’s scenes weren’t cut out of the final version. Cage wound up taking a job at a local movie theatre until his famous director uncle, Francis Ford Coppola, gave him a break in his 1983 film Rumble Fish. That same year, Cage also landed a lead role in the movie Valley Girl. From that point on, the roles kept pouring in.

Cage has proven his commitment to acting—he has even developed his own unique acting style called “Nouveau Shamanic.” Unfortunately, his level of commitment in relationships isn’t quite as strong. In 1995, Cage married Patricia Arquette. Although they acted like a real couple in public for years, they had actually separated only nine months into the marriage.

His divorce from Arquette was finalized in November 2001, and less than a year later, he married Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley’s daughter and Michael Jackson’s ex-wife. They exchanged vows in August 2002 and Presley filed for divorce in November of the same year. They actually spent more time in divorce proceedings than they did being married to one another.


Following the high-profile split from Presley, Cage decided to try his luck with someone a little less famous and a whole lot younger. In 2004, the 40-year-old actor married Alice Kim, a 20-year-old waitress he met just months earlier while dining at an L.A. restaurant. The following year, Kim gave birth to their son, Kal-El.

Despite it being his longest relationship by far, it hasn’t been all roses for Cage and Kim. In 2011, the actor was arrested after the celebrity couple became embroiled in a heated argument on the street. Cage, who was said to be under the influence of a lot of alcohol, reportedly pushed his young wife before aggressively grabbing her by the arm. He spent a night in jail on charges of domestic abuse, public intoxication, and disturbing the peace. Kim denied being assaulted, and the charges were later dropped.

The incident didn’t seem to affect their relationship too much because Cage and Kim attended a family wedding together a couple days later. Cage has spent almost 10 years with Kim—impressive considering his history. Perhaps the trick to tying down this older man was finding a younger woman.

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