When Nicki Minaj is on stage, all eyes better be on her and that goes double for her staff. In a video from her March show in Dubai, Nicki Minaj throws a security guard’s phone!

The “Anaconda singer had to stop singing and dancing in the middle of her routine to deal with a distracted security guard. In true Nicki Minaj fashion, the singer walked across the stage held out her hand and threw the security guard’s cellphone on the floor backstage. Kind of like when you got in trouble in school for using your phone and the teacher took it and held it until the end of class!

Luckily Minaj isn’t an actual teacher because that security guard would be one embarrassed student—not to mention he’d get detention! The viral video shows Minaj wearing a bright gold jumpsuit and sporting a blonde wig while singing her hit song “Feeling Myself.” The only thing she wasn’t feeling was a distracted security guard who should’ve had both eyes on her safety instead of on his phone.


Was the singer in the right or was she being a diva for how she acted towards her staff? Take a look at the viral video below and judge for yourself.

Video: Youtube/Celebrity Update

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