While actress Kate Hudson has an extensive filmography, the most recent addition being the just-released Kung Fu Panda 3, her dating history may be even more impressive. While her search for “the one” hasn’t reached the finish line yet, Hudson has made a go of looking for true love with many famous men, most recently 23-year-old singer Nick Jonas. At almost every big interview Hudson has done in the past little while, there’s been some reference to Jonas and whether or not they’re actually dating. But before we get to that, here are a few of the leading men in Kate Hudson’s life over the past few years.

Nick Jonas

  • Chris Robinson (1998–2007): The most successful of Kate Hudson’s relationships, she and the Black Crowes frontman met at a Halloween party in 1998. When they met again at another party in 2000, their first date quickly followed—as did their moving in together four days after that! Travelling together during movie shoots and music tours, the pair had a son together in 2004, but unfortunately divorced in 2006 due to “irreconcilable differences.”
  • Owen Wilson (2006–2009): Bonding on the set of You, Me and Dupree, this celebrity pair tried to keep their relationship on the down-low due to Hudson’s recent divorce. The two were supposedly planning to marry only to break up instead, getting back together in 2009 before later calling it off for real.
  • Matthew Bellamy (2010–2014): Trying things with a band frontman once again, Kate Hudson and Muse’s Matthew Bellamy first encountered each other in Paris. Things got serious enough that they had a child together in 2011, but their long-term engagement came to an end in 2014.



  • Derek Hough (2014, Rumor): Though never confirmed, Hudson was reportedly seen making out with pro dancer Derek Hough—this news came out days before her split with Matthew Bellamy! The pair was photographed together at a restaurant, though the news lost some of its zing when it was revealed that Hudson and Bellamy had been broken up for a while; the details just reached the media much later. Regardless, nothing seems to have come from the Hudson-Hough rumor.
  • Nick Jonas (2015–Present, Unconfirmed): Going back to the man of the hour, Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas may be enjoying an on-again-off-again relationship, as the pair have been spotted together often since September, most recently at a dinner date earlier this month. Neither of them has confirmed their relationship status yet, with Hudson only saying that she’s “dating,” but not confirming with whom. Still, the unending praise the two have for each other seems to paint a pretty clear picture!

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