Nick Crompton attends the "Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated" YouTube premiere at The Fonda Theatre (Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

About Nick Crompton
Age29 Years
BirthFebruary 5, 1995 Bradford, England
JobYouTube Vlogger
OwnsGold Lion Media
AlumniSalt Grammar School, Titus Salt Sixth Form

Shane Dawson is creating a buzz with his newest YouTube docuseries, In the Mind of Jake Paul, which takes a look at the controversial social media influencer’s world. In part 4 of the eight-episode series, Dawson delves deep into the dynamic between Jake Paul and Nick Crompton, Team 10’s former COO.

British-born YouTube vlogger and musician Nick Crompton may not be a big-time influencer like Jake Paul, but he’s an online marketing wiz in his own right. Since he left Jake Paul’s Team 10, the social media squad is now apparently crumbling. So, why did Crompton leave Team 10?

Our Nick Crompton wiki elaborates his reasons and more!

Who Is Nick Crompton?

Nick Crompton, age 23, was born on February 5, 1995 in Bradford, England. He emerged at a young age as one of the most strategic minds behind social media influencers.

He attended Salt Grammar School and Titus Salt Sixth Form College. Although he was an ideal student, he had no idea what to do with his career after his studies. So, he got a camera and tried making YouTube videos while working at a bar to pay the bills.

When he was 17, Crompton began releasing videos on his YouTube channel in 2012. He experimented with a variety of genres including gaming, cooking, comedy, and pranks. He also enjoyed limited success with podcasts.

He developed his talent for editing and graphic design at the YouTube Academy in London.

Nick Crompton’s YouTube subscriber count is well over 510k. But he’s better known for his work behind the videos.

He was one of the co-founders of a European social media marketing agency called Project Six in 2014, but the company fell apart. He eventually became part of the founding team for a marketing agency called Social Chain in 2015.

The success of his agency prompted Jake Paul to relocate Crompton from the U.K. to L.A. Crompton furthered his career in America while becoming an instrumental force behind Jake Paul’s social media marketing group, Team 10, as the COO.

Team 10 is the talent subdivision of Jake Paul’s larger conglomerate, Team Dom.

Crompton has since been featured in and collaborated with Jake Paul in multiple videos. He particularly earned meme-level notoriety for rapping “England Is My City” in Paul’s “It’s Everyday Bro” video. He was one of the original faces of the squad that lived in the Team 10 house.

He is also a part of a wide circle of top influencers like the Martinez Twins, Alissa Violet, and AJ Mitchell, all of whom he lived with in the Team 10 house.

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He Left Team 10 in 2018

Recently, Crompton shocked the YouTube community when he announced his departure from Team 10. While he’s doing well in his solo ventures, his exit from Jake Paul’s group hinted at a bleak future for Team 10.

Crompton announced via a statement on Twitter in May that he was leaving Team 10 because he couldn’t agree with the direction the company was going.

“Due to internal changes being made within our various businesses that I don’t agree with, I have resigned,” Compton said in his statement.

Chance Sutton followed Crompton three days later and announced that he was also leaving Paul’s content creators collective. The Martinez Twins also left Team 10, claiming there were instances of abuse within the house.

It was speculated that Jake and Logan Paul’s father, Greg Paul, was the reason members were leaving Team 10. Crompton even tweeted that Greg mistreated the company’s employees. But many began to speculate that the real reason Team 10 was falling apart was solely because of Jake Paul himself and the abuse he was allegedly subjecting his so-called “friends” to.

In part 4 of his Jake Paul docuseries, Shane Dawson interviewed Crompton at his massive home, which is specifically designed as a snazzy filming location for influencers.

Crompton touched on Jake and Logan’s sibling rivalry and told Dawson that Jake ran Team 10 like a family. He also said the obnoxious Jake we see in videos is a far cry from the real Jake off-camera.

But Crompton said that Team 10’s dynamics began to crumble when Jake brought his father into the picture. He further explained that Greg Paul forced his way in and took control of the business.

When Alissa Violet and the Martinez Twins left the group, all contact with them was cut off.

Likening Team 10 to a cult, Crompton said, “You’re either with us or against us.”

Since leaving Team 10, Crompton hasn’t had contact with Jake, either. But he agreed to do a candid interview because Jake had given his express permission for it.

He Established His Own Media Company

Since June 2018, Nick has taken on more ventures. He launched Gold Lion Media, which helps businesses utilize the digital platform to their benefit. He’s also the creative director of

Crompton has shut down and restarted his YouTube channels several times. But even with limited success, it’s estimated that he earns around $230.00 to $3,700 a year via the video-sharing company.

Meanwhile, Nick Crompton’s Instagram account has over 2.1 million followers. And he could make anywhere between $3,200 to $5,300 per post on the phot0-sharing app.

According to sources, Nick Crompton’s net worth is currently estimated to be $250,000. He said that whatever money Team 10 earned went to the group’s video production. There was also rumors that 20% of all Team 10 members’ earning went to Jake Paul.

Now, that he left the social media hub, Crompton could make a lot more money.

Is Nick Crompton Gay?

Nick Crompton was known to be vocal about his crush on Justin Bieber and Cameron Dallas on Twitter. But he officially came out as gay when he was featured on Jake Paul’s video in November 2017.

In the same video, Crompton introduced his boyfriend, Levy Erskine, who hails from North Carolina and is a YouTube vlogger, too. He models and shares his photos on Instagram, where he has around 10.2k followers.

Erskine met Crompton on the Tinder dating app. They connected on Instagram before officially meeting in person, however, their relationship didn’t last long.

After their breakup, Erskine did a Q&A video where he said that there were no hard feelings between him and Compton. They remain friends and stay in touch with each other. Erskine even wished Compton a happy birthday on Twitter after their breakup.

Nick Crompton rarely speaks about his love life. He doesn’t entertain questions about his personal life, particularly about his family, and doesn’t talk about it on social media, either.

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