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Nick Cannon's Estimated Net Worth: $50,000,000

How rich is Nick Cannon? It’s been forever ago since the former America’s Got Talent host resigned from his position (after his NBC comments), but now it seems like he’s doing just fine! It looked like the rapper-comedian’s net worth stood to take a hit, but that may not be the case.

For those who know Nick Cannon as Mariah Carey’s ex-husband, we’ll have you know that the multi-faceted, turban-wearing media personality is much more than that. The 37-year-old moonlights as an actor, record producer, entrepreneur, rapper, comedian, and radio personality! Yes, Nick Cannon is a man of many talents, and has shown his magic on the silver screen with flicks like Roll Bounce, Drumline, and Love Don’t Cost a Thing.

The father of Mariah Carey’s twins has been the host of several TV shows, including NBC’s Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon and MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. From 2009 to 2016, Cannon was the face of America’s Got Talent along with judges Mel B, Howie Mandel, and Simon Cowell. However, the star announced his untimely departure from the show, following disparaging racially-charged remarks allegedly made by him during his Showtime comedy special, Stand Up, Don’t Shoot.

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Nick Cannon’s Net Worth Is a Whopping $50.0 Million!

  • The multi-faceted showman amassed a vast fortune after spending nearly two decades in show business. While Nick Cannon’s net worth of $50.0 million may pale in comparison to Mariah Carey’s net worth of between $520.0 and $535.0 million, it is still quite a lot and will ensure that he lives comfortably. The handsome TV star also has numerous other business ventures, including being the Chief Creative Officer of RadioShack, chairman and developing consultant of TeenNick, as well as the CEO of NCredible Entertainment.
  • According to reports, Nick Cannon’s salary as the host of AGT was a staggering $70,000 per episode, rivaling that of celebrity judge Howie Mandel. Cannon is also known for generous charitable contributions and activism; he once donated a pair of diamond-studded shoes worth $2.0 million to charity! His net worth has steadily increased over the years, and he pocketed a cool $4.0 million for his appearance on the Real Husbands of Hollywood.
  • While he was married to singer Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon’s net worth spiked vastly, owing to her deep pockets. Together, Carey and Nick Cannon’s house cost a staggering $10.0 million, although the couple sold the three-acre property before getting divorced. Nick Cannon’s children with Carey, twins Morocco and Monroe, reportedly get $5,000 per month as part of their trust fund, while Nick Cannon’s income for 2014 was declared to be $2.7 million.

Nick Cannon’s Net Worth Over the Years

Net Worth in 2017 $50.0 Million
Salary in 2017 $10.0 Million
Income in 2015 $20.0 Million
Income in 2013 $14.0 Million
Income in 2010 $10.0 Million
Salary from America’s Got Talent $70,000 Per Episode
Salary from Real Husbands of Hollywood $4.0 Million
Mariah Carey’s Net Worth $520.0-$535.0 Million
Nick Cannon vs. Mariah Carey Net Worth 10.4 Times Less

On Good Terms  

  • For most people, co-parenting isn’t the easiest thing for exes to do—especially when the divorce ended badly—but for the Wild ‘N’ Out star, it’s the exact opposite.
  • “The common denominator is we both want what’s best for our children,” the former America’s Got Talent host, 37, told Us Weekly. “You put them first and you step back and become selfless in making decisions and it’s pretty easy.”
  • “That’s my homegirl. Always will be,” he continued. “Whatever she does, that’s Mariah Carey. She can do no wrong in my book.”
  • Cannon’s 11-month-old son, Golden, (with Brittany Bell) is also a priority in his life but that hasn’t stopped him from being a father equally to all of his kids.
  • “ I love being a father,” he told Us in November. “A father is the greatest blessing and greatest responsibility that can ever be bestowed on you. So hopefully I can do it again too.”
  • Whether it’s Nick Cannon’s songs and albums or Nick Cannon’s movies and TV shows, the TV host still supports his ex-wife, whenever she’s being portrayed negatively in the press.
  • “Always, I feel like it’s unfair and the press can just mistreat someone for headlines because they spin the story the way they want to spin it,” said Cannon. “The people who are my loved ones, I’m always concerned for them.”
  • He added, “I’ll always stand up for anybody that’s being mistreated, misquoted.”

Instead of Nick Cannon’s tour, fans can look forward to seeing the father of three play on Team Lakers, during the NBA All-Star Celebrity game on Friday, February 16 at 7:00 p.m. EST at the Los Angeles Convention Center! The real question; will he be hitting the court in his infamous turban?