On the occasion of Veterans Day, many celebrities are taking to social media to pay tribute and honor the many soldiers who have fought, and are continuing to fight, for our country. However, Nick Cannon actually found a way to use Veterans Day to promote his own career, and it’s not sitting well with his followers.

Cannon shared a seemingly nice message on Instagram, writing, “Happy Veterans Day to all the men and women who serve and served for our country. Forever humbled by your service…” Seems innocent enough, right? Well, wait for it. He then added, “If you want to see a powerful military story watch ‘American Son’. Was an honor to portray this role. [sic]” Accompanying this post was a collage of pictures including two movie posters and a screengrab of his character in uniform. To clarify, American Son was a 2008 film in which Cannon played the role of a young marine who comes home for Thanksgiving before shipping out to Iraq.

As you can imagine, many of his followers were quick to comment on Cannon’s self-promotion. As one person wrote, “Nick I love you bro but you gotta take this one down [sic],” and another who commented, “I know right? I was thinking the same thing. Self promotion on Veterans Day? Come on man….. [sic]”


That being said, Cannon did find a few supporters with his post, like one man who admitted that being a former U.S. Marine Corps veteran himself, he wasn’t offended by it and even added, “Besides, some of us do enjoy a good military movie or two on such a day!”

To be fair, Cannon did follow up his movie post with a couple others that were quite touching. The first was shot of him posing with his grandfather, whom he described as “the Veteran” in his life. Five minutes later, he shared another post, this time a picture of two hands bearing the American flag and forming the shape of a heart with the words “Veterans Day” across the center. In the caption, Cannon simply wrote, “Love and Honor to those who served.”

Nick Cannon, Instagram post, November 11, 2015.
Nick Cannon, Instagram post, November 11, 2015.
Nick Cannon, Instagram post, November 11, 2015.

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