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Actor and media personalit,y Michael Rapaport has been making headlines lately for making comments directed at a few of Hollywood’s elite. Some have now decided to look into the actor’s life and find out who Michael Rapaport’s ex-wife is. To learn more about her and what her ex-husband has been saying, here’s our Nichole Beattie wiki.

Who is Nichole Beattie?

Nichole Beattie’s age is 40 and she was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now, she works as a TV writer and producer. As a child, Beattie was on welfare and was embarrassed by it, according to The Her mother, Melody, was also a writer and a single mom raising Nichole and her brother, Shane. The family struggled financially but eventually Melody’s writing career took off when Nichole was in her late teens. Nichole’s mother worked for the Stillwater Gazette (and later self-help books) and even tagged along when Melody was investigating a murder in the area. Nichole had little interest in writing at the time but her favorite teacher, Tom Rasmussen, sparked her interest. For a look at Nichole Beattie’s pics, just go online and see for yourself.

Her Brother Died

Melody’s career was on the rise, but when Shane was 14, he died in a skiing accident at Afton Alps ski area in 1991.

“My mother’s charmed success only lasted a year and a half,” said Beattie. “It doesn’t matter how many millions of [book] copies sold, she’d give all that away to have her child back. It was a tragic story that never stopped being tragic — my mother will always live with a broken heart, and so will I.”


Beattie attended Arizona State University but her grief led her to drugs and she dropped out after a year. At 19 years old, she started writing short stories for magazines as a freelancer in New York.

“I was in so much pain it was the only thing I could do,” she said. “If I didn’t write, I was going to kill myself.”

The Walking Dead

Despite not having a degree, Beattie went on to become one of the head writers for the hit AMC show, The Walking Dead. She got her education by working from the ground up, starting as an intern at Interview magazine. There’s no exact number for Nichole Beattie’s net worth but she’s not exactly starving either.

“I wouldn’t consider myself wealthy by any means,” she said. “But I’d be lying if I said everyone on “Walking Dead” is not profiting [from its popularity].”

“I just feel very grateful and humbled,” she added. “But what wasn’t hard for me in my career was hard for me in my own life. I may have gotten jobs easily, but I had a lot of stories to tell, and what I didn’t have in a college education, I had in a strong point of view.”


Married to Rapaport

Though they were married for less than a decade, she was once married to Michael Rapaport and they had a couple children together. Nichole Beattie and Michael Rapaport’s kids are sons Julian Ali, 16 and Maceo Shane, 14. Michael and Beattie got married in 2000 and finalized their divorce in 2007.


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