Photo credit: Facebook/NiagaraFallsTourismCanada

Yesterday was a double-edged sword of a day wherein Britons and The Commonwealth celebrated the 90th birthday of England’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II while also mourning the sudden death of musical icon Prince.

Niagara Falls celebrated the Queen’s birthday and Prince’s death by turning purple yesterday (April 20).

Representatives for the falls had earlier announced that they would be illuminating the infamous falls with regal purple in honor of the Queen’s birthday, but out of sheer coincidence, the purple also ended up being a tribute to “Purple Rain” singer (and musical royalty in his own right), Prince.

Regardless of whether Niagara Falls turned purple for Prince or for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, it ended up being a spectacular celebration of the life of both these royals.

Check out the video of the purple falls below!