Bill Burr’s Wife, Nia Renee Hill. Credits:Instagram/niasalterego

About Nia Renee Hill
Age49 Years
BirthJune 2, 1969 Los Angeles, California
SpouseBill Burr 2013-Present
JobBlogger, Actress
TV ShowSanta Clara Diet
MovieDivorce: A Love Story
Short FilmsDid You Look for Work This Week?, Carpool, Sarah Silverman: Diva
FeaturedThe 10 Hottest Wives and Girlfriends of Comedians in 2014
Frequent GuestMonday Morning Podcast show
Instagram Profileniasalterego

Nia Renee Hill has worked both in front of and behind the camera throughout her career in the entertainment industry. She is married to the comedian and actor Bill Burr, and the couple welcomed a baby daughter into their family in January 2017. Hill is a bit of writer and has written about interracial relationships for a website dedicated to women called Her marriage to Burr has been a happy one, and she is largely responsible for his success, a fact that Burr readily admits. But who is the woman married to the outspoken comedian known for his vulgar language and hard-hitting hilarity? Read on to find out!

People love the work of the stand-up comedian and actor Bill Burr and want to know more about his personal life, like who he’s married to. Bill Burr’s wife is a wonderful lady named Nia Renee Hill, and the two have been married since 2013.

Hill was Burr’s girlfriend for years before the two decided to tie the knot, and since then, the couple has been living a happily married life. But it’s no shock that when people see the two of them together, some still raise and eyebrow or two. Why? The two are polar opposites in seemingly everything, even their skin color.


And Hill is not afraid to point out that she’s a black woman who dates white guys, despite what some of her haters have said about it in the past. Here are a few details from Nia Renee Hill’s wiki.

Hill Has Acted in Several TV Series & Films

Born on June 2, 1969, in Los Angeles, California, Nia Renee Hill’s age is 49. Hill is an actress but has also worked in other capacities in Hollywood over the years.

In 2017, Hill was featured on the Netflix show Santa Clara Diet, which also stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. Hill played the role of “Leslie” in two episodes.

In 2013, Hill played the role of “Debbie” in the TV movie, Divorce: A Love Story. She has also appeared in the short films Did You Look for Work This Week? and Carpool.

Hill acted as “Tasha Smyth” in the TV series Lila, Long Distance and provided the voice for an episode of the TV series F is for Family. She also appeared as herself in the short film Sarah Silverman: Diva in 2013.


Hill has worked behind the camera as well and was the casting assistant for the TV series, The Education of Max Bickford.


She also worked as a stylist in the costume and wardrobe department of the short film Pizzazz: Where’s My Movie? Hill even worked as a talent coordinator for a single episode of the TV series Chappelle’s Show in 2003.

How Hill Met Burr

So, just how did Hill and her husband Bill Burr meet in the first place?

According to reports, Hill was working on a comedy show when the two met, and they hit it off immediately! They started dating and then living together, and later moved to Los Angeles where they currently live.


Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr attend 'The Heat' New York Premiere at Ziegfeld Theatre

Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr attend ‘The Heat’ New York Premiere at Ziegfeld Theatre. Credits:GettyImages/Astrid Stawiarz

They got married in 2013 and Hill was featured on TheRichest’s list of “The 10 Hottest Wives and Girlfriends of Comedians” in 2014.

Hill has also been a frequent guest on Bill Burr’s popular Monday Morning Podcast show, which debuted in 2007. Despite its name, Burr’s podcast is aired several times in a week.


It often consisted of Hill and Burr bantering back-and-forth about the various events that have occurred in their lives or issues that people were currently buzzing about.

Their repertoire was comedy gold and fans loved to listen to the couple weigh in on topics together.

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She Writes on Interracial Relationships

Hill is a blogger as well and regularly contributes to the website “xojane,” a women’s lifestyle and community site. Since Hill is herself in an interracial marriage, she is in a position to give advice to other couples involved in interracial relationships.

She once wrote an article titled “I’m a Black Woman Who Dates White Guys” where she focused on what to say and what not to say to others in interracial relationships.

Hill also wrote a blog for the site titled “I Never Thought I Would End Up Here, But Here I Am: My Life as a ‘Kept Woman.’” She wrote about how her life was at the beginning of her career and how it changed after she met Burr.

She wrote about how she had to make changes in herself over the years and how her relationship with Burr has changed during time they have been together.

Even today, the two seem just as great a fit as they did when they wed in 2013. (And Burr never forgets to rave about his beautiful wife at his comedy shows!)

Hill Wants to be the Breadwinner in the Family

Hill is a financially independent woman. But she went through a phase when she thought she was not contributing as much as she should have to the earnings in her family.

She wrote about how hard it was for her to not be the breadwinner in her family and how she planned to change this situation.

However, Hill has put her career on the back burner now because she is busy taking care of their daughter, who was born on January 20, 2017. It is Hill and Burr’s first child together, and the proud parents are thrilled with the addition to their small and cozy family!

Those who want a glimpse into Hill’s life should check out her Instagram account. Nia Renee Hill’s Instagram account is full of pictures of her and her life, with her husband Bill Burr, with her friends, and with adorable baby girl.

She’s Devoted to her Family

Hill has been the strength behind Burr and has supported him in all his ventures. A big part of the credit for Burr’s success goes to Hill, who has always stood by him in times both thick and thin.

Today, Hill is busy taking care of her baby daughter even as Burr works hard to provide a good life for his family. For Hill, the view looks fine from here!

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