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Stand-up Comedian and actor Bill Burr, 48, has been busy with more than a few upcoming shows and now fans are more than excited to catch the funnyman live! We know a bit about him, but what about Bill Burr’s wife? If you didn’t know he had a wife at all, then you need to read this. Get all the latest details you need on Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill, right here. 

Nia Renee Hill’s Age and Early Life 

Not too much is known about Hill, 47, but we know she grew up in Los Angeles and her parents divorced during her early childhood. She grew up with her mother, stepfather and brother. Hill is also an actress—not surprisingly, since you can’t swing a fake Prada bag around LA without hitting at least two of them. Hill has guest-starred on her husband’s podcasts, the TV movie Divorce: A Love Story, and the TV series Lila, Long Distance.

How They Met

Burr and Hill met when she was working on a comedy show, hit it off, and later moved in together. Burr’s career took off and the couple got married in 2013 and now live in Los Angeles. Nia Renee Hill’s baby (Bill Burr’s daughter) was born last year, but there’s no word on the baby’s name yet. Why do celebrities have to hide their baby names?! We’re still waiting for confirmation on the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s second baby, too!

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Nia Renee Hill’s Instagram

If you’re looking for hot pics or just a glimpse into Hill’s life, then Nia Renee’s Instagram is the place to be. From baby bumps to shots of her husband, Hill isn’t afraid to show her fun side. The two look incredibly happy together and it’s easy to see how Hill fell in love with such a hilarious man. Just watch his comedy specials on Netflix to get a sense of what we mean!

F is For Family

If you didn’t already know, the hit Netflix show F is For Family is created by Burr and is based on his life!

“It’s a six-episode animated show that will be coming out on Netflix in December and it’s a show that I created with Mike Price from the Simpsons and (Hollywood actor/comedian) Vince Vaughn. It’s basically about a family growing up in the 1970s somewhere in the US and it’s loosely based on my childhood. It’s basically all the crazy stories from my childhood animated,” explained Burr.


Burr has a Temper

If you couldn’t already tell by watching F is For Family or any of Bill Burr’s comedy acts, Burr has a bit of a temper, but he’s working on it.

“Yes (laughs). Because I’m working on myself. I don’t want to be a lunatic. I mean, being a lunatic on stage is a fun thing, but to live with it is not fair to other people. So, you know? I have a daughter now, so I don’t want a kid that’s afraid of me when I come home and go through some of the stuff I went through.”

Lunatic or not, people find Bill Bur absolutely hilarious and we find Bill Bur and his wife Nia Renee Hill adorable. They say laughter is the best medicine and it likely has a hand in this couple’s successful (and undoubtedly funny) marriage.

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