The City of Brotherly Love is still in party mode after the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, and who could blame them? Thursday’s parade started at 11:00 a.m. and stretched for 4.8 miles! One person who gets to join in on all the fun is Colleen Wolfe, NFL broadcaster and Philadelphia native. If you want to learn more about her, then keep reading for details from Colleen Wolfe’s wiki.

Who Is Colleen Wolfe?

According to her NFL profile, Colleen Wolfe is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Drexel University. She appears on several NFL Media shows, including Game Day, Good Morning Football Weekend, Power Rankings, Around the NFL, and more.

Wolfe joined NFL Media in 2014. Before that, she started with FOX 29, Comcast SportsNet, and SportsRadio 94WIP.

In her spare time, the sportscaster brings home rescued animals. And, for those wondering, Colleen Wolfe’s husband is John Gonzalez.

Colleen Wolfe’s Instagram

If you’re looking for more of Colleen Wolfe’s pics, then head over to her Instagram account. Not surprisingly, she posts about football non-stop and has just as many photos taken with her husband.

Social media is also one of the many ways the TV personality keeps in contact with her fans, family, and friends. It’s hard not to love this sports gal!

Parade of a Lifetime

For the first time in Eagle’s history, the Vince Lombardi Trophy was finally in their hands. It was definitely a cause for celebration, and the city was basically shut down.

Zoos, courts, and government offices were closed. The rest of the city barely slept after the Eagles’ historic win against the New England Patriots, who many thought would win again.

Many thought the day would never come for the Eagles. And the mayor even had to remind citizens not to vandalize the city again, in all the excitement.

“Now remember — act responsibly, don’t ruin this for the fans who have waited decades for what will be a historic day as the Eagles finally parade up Broad Street,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “We are, after all, the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection.”

Eagles and the White House

Usually, eagles are synonymous with the White House. But given Trump’s actions, members of the team have made it clear in the past that they would decline the traditional post-Super Bowl invitation.

“For me, it’s not just about politics,” said Eagles wide receiver, Torrey Smith in an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon. “If I told you that I was invited to a party by an individual I believe is sexist or has no respect for women or I told you that this individual has said offensive things towards many minority groups … this individual also called my peers and my friends SOBs, you would understand why I wouldn’t want to go to that party. Why is it any different when the person has title of President of the United States?”

He makes a valid point.