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Each week sports experts (and fans) focus on NFL picks and which NFL picks against the spread should be watched closely. Fans have been looking for information online such as “NFL picks straight” and “NFL expert picks.” So, in order to get you up to date on what the experts are saying, here are our top NFL picks to watch.

Titans vs. Dolphins

If the Dolphins want to make the most of this season, they’re going to have to get started on Sunday. Early schedules definitely backed them into a corner and their road games against Seattle, New England, and Cincinnati all ended in losses. To redeem themselves on Sunday, they’re going to have to stop Tennessee’s, DeMarco. Unfortunately, the Titans don’t have the receivers to take advantage of the Dolphins’ weakened secondary line, but no defense has encountered more rushing attempts than the Dolphins.

Ravens vs. Redskins

Redskins had to claw and scratch their way past the Browns and the Ravens have not yet had a game decided by more than six points! To be frank, no one has these teams figure out yet. It will be hard for the Redskins to come out on top in this game (or any others on the road) if they don’t improve themselves defensively.

Colts vs. Bears

Sadly, the Bears will be without Jay Cutler, Jeremy Langford, and Kevin White. They could also be without Alshon Jeffrey, Eddie Royal, and Ka’Deem Carey, on top of a variety of defensive injuries. It looks like the Bears are having a rough season player-wise.

Steelers vs. Jets

Steelers wide receiver, Antonio Brown has been saying for weeks that Darrelle Revis is “the best corner in the NFL.” That statement may have been true at one point, but not in early 2016. Revis has been targeted by other QBs and with or without their supposed No.1 CB, the Jets don’t look like they can handle the Steelers’ passing attack. The Steelers have won Super Bowl championships multiple times, but not with the same team, although the name still means something to fans and opponents.

Patriots vs. Browns

Let’s just get to the good part: Tom Brady is back after his Deflategate suspension—and love him or hate him—this is a player fans have been eager to see. NFL fans everywhere will be rooting for the Patriots—well, Patriots fans anyway. But all eyes will be on Brady, who only plans on focusing on the game and moving forward.