New Election Poll Shows Donald Trump in the Lead


Despite his controversial comments and growing animosity with other politicians, real estate mogul Donald Trump might still have a pretty fair chance of being elected into the White House, because according to a new poll conducted by Monmouth University, he’s currently the Republican favorite.

The numbers show that not only is Trump leading the race so far among Republican voters, but he’s got a good head start with a two-to-one gain over his closest adversaries. For instance, when asked who they’d most likely favor for their GOP presidential nomination, the poll showed 26% support for Trump from the Republican voters, compared to only 12% for Jeb Bush, 11% for Scott Walker, and six percent for Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee—all of the other candidates fared less than six percent.

What’s more, support for Trump has gone up by 13 points since Monmouth University conducted their last poll three weeks ago. While Walker’s support bumped up four points, Bush and Cruz both dropped three points.

Trump also seemed to dominate the poll across various demographic groups—35% of Tea Party supporters say they back Trump (compared to 15% for Walker), 26% of voters aged 50 and over favor Trump (compared to 15% for Walker), and Trump appears to be leading for both men and women. All three political ideologies (very conservative, somewhat conservative, and moderate to liberal) also favor Trump over the other candidates.


“Republican support for Donald Trump just continues to grow with no clear sense of who his constituency really is,” explained Patrick Murray, the director of the Monmouth University polling institution. He also added that this will make it harder for the other candidates to figure out a strategy in the upcoming GOP presidential debate later this week.


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