When the rumor first surfaced that Sean Penn, 53, and Charlize Theron, 38, were the newest celebrity couple, we were a little skeptical. But with the mounting evidence, it’s hard not to think they’re dating.

Penn and Theron rang in the New Year together while they vacationed in Hawaii—Theron stayed at Penn’s beachfront house with him. Upon returning to L.A., the rumored celebrity couple went back to Theron’s house, where Penn reportedly spent the night. A couple days later, they were seen grabbing an afternoon coffee together before driving back to Theron’s place. The following day, they were seen going to an evening movie together. Again, they went back to her house and Penn stayed overnight.

Although reps have yet to confirm or deny the dating rumors, witnesses say Penn and Theron looked very much “like a normal couple,” and that they seemed “really casual and comfortable” being with each other. “They are spending night after night together and moving very fast,” another insider told E! News about the dating rumor. “It seems like it’s getting serious and that they can’t get enough of each other.”


Even with their 15-year age difference, this isn’t the first time the supposed celebrity couple has been rumored to be dating. They first sparked romance rumors back in 2010 when they were spending a lot of time together following Theron’s split from her boyfriend of almost a decade, Stuart Townsend. They were also recently seen flirting at a Halloween party hosted by Seth MacFarlane.

What do you think: Do Sean Penn and Charlize Theron make a good couple?


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Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com (Sean Penn), Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com (Charlize Theron)

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