Netflix’s “Mindhunter” Release Date: What Time Does “Mindhunter” Come Out?

Photo: Patrick Harbron/Netflix

A-list actress, Charlize Theron and Academy Award-nominated director, David Flincher are bringing a gripping new crime drama on Netflix. Mindhunter shows us how serial killers think just from the trailer alone. What time does Mindhunter come out on Netflix? We’ve got what you need to know right here.

Charlize Theron is producing a new crime drama for Netflix and we couldn’t be more excited. Mindhunter is more than just your run of the mill crime series. “How do we get ahead of crazy if we don’t know how crazy thinks?” Holt McCallany is heard saying in the Mindhunters trailer. When does the “crazy” begin? We’ve got the latest scoop on Mindhunter including the release date.

When Does Mindhunter Come Out?

Netflix announced that the much-anticipated drama on serial killers will be available from October 13 when you can stream all 10 episodes of the first season of David Fincher’s extraordinary dark crime drama. Since Netflix doesn’t have specific time-slots, you can view the show anytime after it is released.

Set in the ‘70s, it follows the days of early criminal psychology and profiling at FBI. But don’t get complacent just yet. This noir take on crime-solving will make Criminal Minds look like Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s going deep into serial killer psychology in a period when people have yet to grasp concepts like serial killer and psychology.

If you haven’t signed up for Netflix yet, you’re missing out on a lot! The show is produced by Charlize Theron who won an Oscar for portraying a serial killer. Much like Theron’s Monster, this true crime series has a background of notorious psychopaths like Son of Sam and Charles Manson.


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David Fincher, the man on the director’s seat for movies like Gone Girl, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and The Social Network directed the series. It’s Fincher’s second Netflix project, the first being two episodes of House of Cards which salvaged the show’s declining popularity. His most acclaimed work is the serial killer true crime thriller, Zodiac. So he’s no stranger to the genre.

The show is based on the nonfiction book, Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit and partially inspired from true events. Jonathan Groff delves into a different realm from what we’ve seen him do on Glee, Hamilton, and Frozen. He plays a young FBI agent, Holden Ford, who is based on John Douglas, a former FBI criminal profiler who penned the book. It’s not the first time on-screen profilers have been modeled after Douglas. Criminal Minds and The Silence of the Lambs have based characters on him.

Holt McCallany stars as Bill Tench, characterized after another FBI Agent, Robert Ressler, who is often credited as the one who coined the term, “serial killer” at a time when these cold-blooded murderers were only called psychopaths. In the trailer for Mindhunter, we see Groff’s Ford conveniently shift the blame saying it’s not his “terminology.”


All 10 episodes of Mindhunter season 1 will be available for streaming on Netflix from October 13. If you binge-watch it too fast, no worries. Netflix has already green-lit a second season of Mindhunter. Check out the trailer below to get a taste of some psychopathic craziness.


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