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Neile Jones, a veteran journalist of over two decades, announced she is stepping back from broadcast journalism at the end of this year. She has been with Tulsa, Oklahoma’s KTUL for almost six years and is a beloved personality in the local community. Since she announced she is leaving KTUL, regular viewers have had a lot of questions. They want to know why Neile Jones is leaving and where she is going next. They are curious if she is retiring from the field and if she will continue to reside in Tulsa. Here’s what Neile Jones said about leaving KTUL.

Neile Jones to Leave KTUL

Neile Jones, the daughter of award-winning journalist Sam Jones, grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School. She later earned her BS in broadcast journalism from Oklahoma State University and a dual MA in human resources and development and management from Webster University.

She began her broadcast career in 1997 and has worked in Oklahoma City, Fort Smith, and Fayetteville. She returned to Tulsa in 2016, where she has been anchoring the evening slot at KTUL since.

Also an Emmy-winning journalist, Neile has a special place in T-Town’s community because of her work. So Tulsa residents were shocked by her announcement that she is leaving the ABC affiliate.


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Questions followed immediately. KTUL viewers wanted to know why she is leaving and if she has another job in the works.

Neile Jones’ last day on air at KTUL is December 17, and her fans anticipate an emotional farewell. While she hasn’t called it a “retirement,” she does say she is stepping back from broadcast news (and presumably its hectic work schedules) to focus on her family.

Jones, an author and domestic abuse survivor, is not going to be back on screens anytime soon. She will use the newly gained free time to spend with her husband, kids, and family, as well as indulging in more activities in the local community.

She expressed her gratitude to the station and her colleagues for supporting her decision and for the love and support during her career. While her fans are loathe to see her go, they also wish her well.

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Tulsa residents and Jones’ social media followers can take comfort knowing that Neile Jones will remain in her hometown. Besides spending more time at local events, she will also keep up the communication with her followers through her social media and her blog,